One Year and Counting


Yesterday was our anniversary. I also got to finish a group assignment for my program planning class. Me and two other students had to do a fundraiser for someone. We picked a little boy here who has an inoperable brain tumor. He is only nine years old. We teamed up with a fun family place here that has bowling, mini golf, arcade games, laser tag, and bumper cars. We sold tickets before the event and during the event for $10.00. We raised $1710.00 in four hours! It was GREAT! The little boy and his family get half of it, the place gets the other half for letting us use their facility. It was very successful! And so much fun! It was a great anniversary present.

After that we went out to eat at Chili's and of course we bought a new fish. It is an albino tiger oscar. We also bought little feeder fish for our big ones.

We then saw a sale going on at Michaels YAY! So for my anniversary present Matt let me buy a crochet book!! He bought me a pretty dress, but it was too short so we are going to take it back and I got the book instead.

After that there was a baptism at our church. It was a lady who used to be a member of our church a long time ago and she decided to return when her husband got baptized a few weeks ago. He got to baptize her and there were a lot of members there to support her. We then went home and watched The Brave Little Toaster. Anyone remember that one? It was a gift from Matt's parents. It wasn't as good as it was years and years ago. Matt fell asleep in the middle of it and I crocheted while watching it. Today we caught up on one of the sessions of conference we missed yesterday and are watching the two for today. Our friend shakira came over to watch with us. She is a senior in highschool and the only member of her family. We also had a pajama party

Here are a few things I have crocheted.

Lacey  – (April 03, 2011)  

CONGRATS KIM & MATT! i was thinking about you guys this weekend actually.... and thinking how pretty it was at the temple that day! Its great to see you guys still kickin! :P ... also I love the stuff you crochet!!! way cute!!! i wish i knew how to do that!

Brian and Kayla  – (April 29, 2011)  

Wow time has gone by soooo fast! I've been thinking about you a lot lately...we need to call and catch up! I'm sorry the NC job you told us about didn't work out. But Brian still has no job so we'll keep looking around and who knows? Maybe we'll still end up somewhere near you guys or at least on your side of the country.

I love your creations! Those little booties are SO CUTE!

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