When I was pregnant we decided we weren't going to tell anyone Owen's middle name, so when people asked we just told them it was Shmowen.  Owen Shmowen.  They laughed and we laughed and no one really pushed for us to tell them the truth.  It was great.  Well for some reason that name has stuck, it is now his nickname.  We call him Shmo and Shmowen more than we call him Owen.  Kind of funny.

It has been FOREVER since I wrote, I have been wanting to for forever, but when I am holding a baby, trying to type papers with only one free hand, and going through finals, it is kind of hard.  But tomorrow is my last final and I literally just finished my last paper.  This morning I woke up and was talking to Shmo and I told him I was going to write a paper, study for a test, then take the test tomorrow and then spend the next 20 years with him.  After I told him he smiled at me :) Super cute!  I probably almost squeezed him to death.

He is probably the BEST baby in the world.  He only cries when he has to wait a little longer than he wants to eat and when his belly isn't feeling so good.  He is super happy and alert and is totally okay being left alone on the couch or bed talking to himself.  The only problem is he eats ALL THE TIME.  There were some days where the Dr. told us he was going through a growth spurt and he was literally stuck to me all day and only slept at night.  It was very annoying, but now he is doing better and usually eats every 2 hours.  At night he eats every 3.  One night he slept 5 hours straight!  But that was just once.

He makes the cutest noises, he does a weird clearing his throat thing where he sounds like a 60 year old man who has smoked his whole life.  It is super hilarious.  He also has massively girly squeaks.  Also super hilarious and adorable.  He is starting to smile, he is most happy in the morning :) and we can get him to smile pretty easily then.  His smiles are so unbelievably cute!  Part of me can't wait until he gets a little older to when he will smile more and understands how to do it easily, but the other part wants him to stay small (except he was never small.)

He is huge.  We took him to the Dr. when he was 3 weeks old and there were 2 other babies there, a 5 month old and a 2 month old and he was bigger than both of them!  The 5 month was a preemie, so she was super small still.  But the 2 month was normal, ours is just massive.  But we like it like that.  He is way too cute and not scary fragile.

He has the prettiest eyes EVER.  We get people who say "I know he is a boy and this wont sound right, but he is really pretty."  Haha I agree.  He is super pretty!  He also get compliments on his skin, he doesn't have very many baby zits and his skin color is a little dark, I am whiter than he is! and he never went through the yellow stage.  He is just tan.

He LOVES his car seat and being in the car.  I think our drive across the country wont be so bad because he will be in heaven spending all that time in the car.  Lucky us!

Matt and I both LOVE being parents!  Literally everything he does is "SO CUTE!"  Even pooping and spitting up.  He poops and pees in the bathtub all the time and we just laugh and smile and give him another bath.

This past weekend was his baby blessing at church.  My dad flew out for a few days and we got to show him our town.  We took him to the flea market and he spent every penny he had haha.  The flea market here rocks (remember it is where we got all 10 seasons of Friends for super cheap!)  We were there for HOURS.  That was the best part.  He also got to see how pretty it is here.  The blessing was great!  There were a lot of visitors and Matt did a great job.  He made everyone cry!  And Owen slept the whole time.  :)

We have a lot to do in the next week and half but are SOOOO excited about moving!  Matt is even ready for the change :)  I thought he was dreading it, but he is excited about going also.  It is going to be great to see everyone and show off our baby!  And I can't wait to move to Rexburg and hang out with all our mission buddies!  And get a haircut from Sister Hall :)

Anywho.  Does anyone know why I can't upload videos on here?  They never finish uploading, no matter how long I leave them.  Very annoying.  But soon we will get the pictures we had taken of Owen and put them up here.  They are soooo cute!!! I can't handle the cuteness!!!!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (May 09, 2012)  

Yay!! I can't wait for you to GET here!! I want to squeeze Schmowen!! :o)

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