Baby Update

A few nights ago Owen woke up screaming in the middle of the night, it scared me!  Usually he makes grunting noises and I get up and feed him and he doesn't even really wake up.  This time he randomly started screaming so I jumped up and went in to feed him and caught him sitting up in his bed, he has been able to get into the sitting position for a while, but he never did it in the crib until that day.  We knew we had to lower his bed.  It was up as high as it could go, he could jump out if he had mad jumping skills.  So we lowered his crib and he loved watching us!  He sat there with his mouth hanging open just staring. It was pretty funny.  I didn't get the camera until it was too late :(  But I did get some cute pictures of him in his jammies. 

After we were done I put  him in the crib just so he could see it from the inside and he was loving that horse!

He is SO close to crawling, I think he can do it but just doesn't want us to know.  He will be in one place and then we will run to the other room for just a few seconds and when we get back he is on the other side of the room.  He gets up and looks like he is going to crawl, but then thinks better and sits back down, it is pretty cute!  His butt is pretty cute too :)

Here are some cute pics of Owen before bed.  His belly was sticking out and he looked too cute!

These next few are from when Matt's mom had her birthday.  It took us forever to get him to stop eating the frame and smile! But they were still all pretty good pictures.

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