Welp it is official. We have joined the married people and created our own blog. It has been fun. Let's see how good we are with keeping up! Last Friday we went to the CRAWDAD game!!!! LOTS of FUN!! Matt and his cousins husband Jonathan got picked to do the dizzy bat spinning contest. HAHA that was GREAT!!! They had to put the bats on the ground and put their foreheads against them and spin in circles until the guy said stop then they had to run to a cone. Jonathan fell over right away but Matt did pretty good and made it to the cone before he fell. Then Jonathan came running over and dived onto him. Matt won a free oil change certificate that was expired. But we will continue to support them. There was also a purposal. Some guy purposed to his girlfriend. She said yes. :) The Crawdad mascot liked us, he sat by us for quite some time joking around and holding Jennifer's hand. He was good at his job. I wish that was my job. Maybe someday :) Saturday I got to go hiking with the girls. North Carolina scenery never ceases to amaze me! I felt like I was walking around on the set of Jurassic Park minus the dinsaurs. It is breath taking. I can't wait to go back! We also went canoeing. It was on a beautiful lake, but there was no swimming allowed. So we used the paddles and got eachother wet. It was a great 4th of July weekend! And later tonight...FIREWORKS!!!!!

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