We are not so good at keeping up with blogging. I'm lacking in the journal department also, so I will do my best to get better starting now. I actually sort of forgot about my blog, willingly forgot. But at the request of a few people, Aubrey and Sister Christensen or Jamie as most know her, I will attempt to keep it on my mind. Part of why I haven't written is because I don't have much to write, nothing super exciting like a new baby, which will hopefully be up here sometime soon. S.C. suggested I put up pictures of our house, which is BRILLIANT! We have the CUTEST little house ever. But right now I am in the school library, so I can't do that, but I atleast have an idea. So I was trying to think of what else would be blog worthy while driving to school today and the people on the radio were asking people to call in about their pets who hated them. Now I have no pets, but I do have a neice who hates me. And as sad as it seems it really is quite hilarious. Her name is non other than... Kimberly. Yes, my namesake hates me, and I don't have any idea why. Now I was gone for the first year and half of her life, and when I got back she was shy, as all little kids are. And I am nothing but super nice to her, sometimes I am quilty of bribing her to like me. It hasn't worked yet. She hates me. She wont play with me, wont sit by me, wont even look at me. One time I was going to my sister Steph's house with my mom and Steph had told Kimberly that Nana was coming over, she never mentioned me. We got there and I was the first to walk in, I hear Kimberly's adorable little feet running on the floor as she screams NANA. The second she sees me she stops, screams "NO" while hitting the air, starts to cry and turns around to run away. Why? Again I have no idea. But it really is pretty funny to see. Luckily her little sister is the happiest baby in the world and she loves me. So life is good.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (September 17, 2010)  

Awww! Poor aunt Kim! I'm sorry!

PS--let us know when that baby news happens! :o)

Ashley  – (September 17, 2010)  

hahahaha! i know i shouldn't be laughing, but this is a pretty funny blog post! just keep bribing her...eventually she will give in and love you to pieces! ;) you definitely need to update this thing more often! i wanna see pics of your place! miss you and LOVE you, kimberly! :)

Jamie  – (September 20, 2010)  

You're so fun, Kim! Thanks for blogging. You made me laugh. Now I am going to link to you and you will have lots of hits. Hey, if you are looking for "blog prompts"--things to write about on your blog--check out Charity Winsor's site. She uses them a lot and she gets them from somewhere ( a club or a sote or something)--she's on my links list on the right of my blog. And now you are, too! MISS YA!

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