School started about a month ago and so far it has been great. But one of the things that makes is so great is the teachers. We have quite the characters out here in North Cacalacky. Matt's teachers seem pretty normal, except for one, she is the one that nobody wants. She is the Biology Lab teacher, but seems to grade more on spelling than anything else. Matt studies like mad and knows EVERYTHING but makes HORRIBLE grades on her quizzes because she counts off for his spelling!!!! It's funny because my whole family is REALLY bad at spelling, and I married someone who fits in perfectly! But she is mean teacher. His music teacher is apparently pretty neat, I met him once very briefly because, as I later learned, "A girl was diggin' him." But that wasn't true. She was watching her son jump on a jumpy thing behind him, he thought she was checking him out. But Matt and him are in a band together so they hang out quite a bit. Yep my hubby not only is a hottie, but he can play the drums. How lucky am I!
Now to my teachers, I love them all!! My teacher for my Rec class is just like Brother Wood from BYUI! EQUAL!!! Hardcore nature people, you gotta love them! Then I have a History teacher who is 24, this is his first year teaching and he started out nice, everyone thought he was super cool. But we were way wrong, he has a temper and it's SUPER easy to set him off. Kind of scary. I am in a letter writing class and that teacher is a short and fat lady who is super dainty. She is the type of person who would teach an etiquette class. Then the good ones! My religion teacher is an old man who always talks with his hands over his head, like a monkey. He also is a little off, I thought maybe he was a little mental, but the girl who sits next to me thinks he's gay. He says "okay" ALL the time, and when he laughs its super creepy, it makes everyone else stop laughing because it's so weird and awkward. My Geography teacher is from Japan and she weighs maybe 90 lbs. She is as passionate for Geography as most people are about Justin Beiber, and she laughs ALL THE TIME!!! Each of my teachers are great and super strange, which helps make class interesting!

Here is a picture of me holding Kimberly, it goes with the last post and shows her true feelings.

Jenn  – (September 20, 2010) the pic (you smiling, baby Kim screaming!) and the wacky descriptions of your teachers! I'm sure you'll have a great time with all of them!

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