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Today in my Geography class we were learning about languages and my teacher, the Japanese one, showed us a clip from youtube about Appalachian mountain talk. It was a bunch of old people who live out here talking about their weird words and accents. It was really pretty funny, but it was my inspiration for this post. This is a conversation Matt and I had a few weeks ago, it went something like this:
Matt talking out loud: Today in my Biology class the teacher was talking about the oil spill and little microorganisms...
Me in my head: ol spill? what is ol?
Matt still talking: blah blah blah blah...
Me in my head: I am so lost. maybe ol is something from biology that i forgot about.
Matt about 10 minutes later still talking: blah blah blah blah
Me in my head: ol? ol? THINK!!! OH!!!!
Me out loud: OIL!!!! okay start over I get it now.

Not only am I learning another language, I am also getting to see lots of new scenery. I promise I will post pictures soon. There is a plant called Kudzu, and it is my new favorite! I don't know much about it, just what people tell me and I hear it is like a crazy vine that grows super fast and takes over everything in its path. But it is BEAUTIFUL!! It looks like a blanket of leaves being thrown over everything. It also makes shapes. In the walking park by our house there is a part that looks like a camel and one like a gorilla and driving on one street is a part that looks like a giraffe. It is amazing. Here is a website that has some other animal shapes made from Kudzu.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (October 06, 2010)  

How cute!! I would've been right there with ya..."What's oal?" :o) My dad's hear right now and is heading up to Livingston tonight to work with your dad! Fun fun! I'm jealous that they get him longer than we do, but we also can't pay him to stay here, so I guess your dad wins... :o)

Anyway, keep updating the blog! Miss you!!

Jamie  – (October 21, 2010)  

Black gold! Texas Tea!

HAHAHAHA! I have so many stories like that. I remember my first day tracting I almost cried because I didn't understand a damn word anybody said, especially the sweet old black ladies near our apartment in Tarboro. But it was SOOOO fun once I figured it all out.

Miss you, Kimmy!!!

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