California Christmas

We went to visit the Workmans in California for Christmas. Pam and Dave are my sister-in-law's parents. My parents and two youngest sisters also went. It was great. I got to see my old roommate, Tara, again after years and years. We also got to spend time with my neice Autumn who is adorable! The only bad part is we forgot our camera. So I have only one picture that Pam put up on her facebook of our family in front of the hotel.

We had lots of fun. We got there Tuesday night and on Wednesday we went to spend a few days at Disneyland! The Workman's had 3 rooms in the hotel so we stayed there and went Christmas shopping at the Disney strip mall area. My parents took my two sisters in to Disneyland for the first time and they loved it. When we got home on Friday night we got to open a present, we all got footy pajamas! We looked awesome. Christmas was lots of fun, we played new games and relaxed all day. The Workmans got a new shooting game that everyone took turns playing for hours. I don't understand how boys can do that. We left Sunday morning and came home to open our presents we had left here. Matt got an XBox 360 and we got a little TV for our bedroom. Not a good idea. Matt has only left the room to go to work. He has been sitting on the edge of the bed playing video games for hours on end.

I got a new book, the best one in the world, it is the third in the Hunger Games trilogy. I haven't started it yet because I have so many things to do first. We also got lots of movies and card games. It was a great Christmas! The best part was being with family and old friends. We had a blast. It was the best Christmas ever.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (December 29, 2010)  

how fun! I'm so glad you enjoyed your Christmas! I love that you guys got to go to California! And Disneyland! I've never been to California!

Jamie  – (January 04, 2011)  

YAY! Merry late Christmas! Iam so glad you got to go to Cali and have fun, although we missed you here at home! I have a little belated package for that my kids are back in school, maybe I can get organized and get it in the mail. LOVE YOU GUYS! Happy 2011!!!!

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