My day today: 6:00 AM Matt gets a text from his mom. We ignore it. I lay there awake and bored.
6:47 AM Matt gets a phone call from his dad. He answered. It snowed an inch so all schools are closed. We get up and go straight to the grocery store, because apparently when it snows everyone has to buy milk and bread or they might starve. We now have both. (Not because of the snow but because we like cereal and I need bread to make my school lunches.) Going into the parkinglot, I make sure I am going just fast enough to spin the car, Matt got scared. We come home.
8:00ish AM Matt puts in Pirates of the Caribbean. I surf the web. I shower and get dressed.
10:00 AM I have to print off my schedule for school to get my books tomorrow (if it isn't cancelled) and mail a package at the post office. It has now snowed about 3 inches. Matt makes me call the library and post office to make sure they are open. They are. We go.
12:00 PM I am bored out of my mind. I find a cookbook, look through it and find something we have all the ingredients for and make it. Matt showers. We eat lunch.
1:00 PM I am bored. I get the camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING and start to write on my blog. Matt finds out I am going to put the pictures on the blog and cleans everything so They will look good. I will mess everything up again later. Life is good.
Here is our beautiful, small, perfect home.
p.s. I took a LOT of random weird pictures.

This is a picture in our livingroom above our fishtank. We got it at the flea market for $3.00. Jealous?

This is Matt's knee, he hurt it playing basketball last Wednesday. It is healing quite nicely.

The funniest birthday card ever. It makes fun of rednecks, and they way they talk. You can't see it in the picture, but the word is "did" and it is used in a sentence, "There's a did possum in the road." It has lots of funny little sentences like that.

This is our refrigerator, lots of pictures of friends and family.

This is our kitchen

Kayla and Brian made this for us as a wedding present. Adorable!

This is our coffee table, it is super nice, not child friendly. That will have to change someday. It is still very pretty though.

These are our fish! We used to have these plus 5 tiger barbs, a shark, and 3 other kinds. They all died. It was sad. On Saturday for my birthday present we bought 3 more, one was a dragon fish, it looked like an eel. They were all dead by Sunday. It was sad. We are fish murderers. Next is our bathroom.

This is our beautiful bookshelf/dresser. It is in the bedroom.

These are our Christmas presents. The TV is from Matt's family and the XBox was for Matt from me, we got it cheap from a friend.

This is our beautiful bed. Notice how perfectly it is made, that is Matt's doing. I am no longer allowed to make the bed. When I do he re-makes it. He is a perfectionist. Which is fun, I can annoy him pretty easily.
Thats our house! We live in a nice little apartment complex. Except one night our tire got slashed and twice our car was robbed. Live and learn.

Since I am still bored and time is going slow, I will tell of my birthday. Our plan was to go see my friends Terry and Christine who just moved to Tennessee about 3.5 hours from us. We were going to spend the weekend with them, but it was snowing a lot, the roads were really bad, even I thought so. We turned around and went to the movies and out to eat then bought fish and watched some episodes of Leverage. (2 fish had died by the end of the show.) Sunday we went to church and then home and I slept. We then went and played games with other young couples in our ward. It was a blast! We played a game called Spouse-ology. It is a lot like the newlywed game from TV. Then we busted out the CRANIUM!! Boys against girls. Girls won, obviously :D We played some other games and ate cake. It was perfect!

Alaina and Mitchell  – (January 10, 2011)  

how fun! I loved the pics of your house and I'm glad you were bored today so you could entertain me with your random pictures :o) I'm kind of bored right now too (avoiding obligations...) so i'm blogging and watching Nathan's feet kick up and down...that's all I can see of the cute kid! :o)

I'm honored that we made your fridge! You made our door! (Where we hung all our Christmas cards) Love you cousin!

Lacey  – (January 15, 2011)  

Very awesome!!!! Miss you!

Jamie  – (January 15, 2011)  

I loved the pictures Kim! I feel like I just got a tour of your house! It was like I got to visit you! You are so cute! Beijos.

cherilyn  – (January 15, 2011)  

Ha ha, Kim you are adorable!
And I love the "Triplett family established 2010" sign!

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