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Matt and I got four new fish, they are still alive. We have had very bad luck with our tank, but we finally caved in and bought all the stuff anyone could ever possibly need to keep their fish tank clean and healthy. It is working. YAY! We also have the best fish ever. Our four new fish are convict cichlids. We bought two in the beginning and waited to make sure they lived longer than a few minutes and bought two more. They all fight, it is pretty funny, they puff out their gills and charge each other, it doesn't last long enough to make any real damage though. I love our fish. For all of you who don't know, I am not a dog person. I always secretly laugh at people who put their dogs on their Christmas cards (Aubrey), but I finally understand how they feel about their pets. If I could, I would put our fish on our Christmas card.

Jon & Aub  – (January 19, 2011)  

Hey that is not fair. I have a really cute dog!! And she did really good during the pictures. And isn't it called a 'family' picture?? And you could probably draw your fish? I do not know if they would stay still enough for a photo :)

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