What a Weekend

Friday started out good, I cleaned and did lots of homework and was ready to go to work when I got a call from Matt. A few weeks ago he was playing basketball with friends when his knee popped. It swelled up and he was limping for a few days, but if has been getting better, until Friday. He was at work playing football with his daycare kids when his knee gave out. I went to get him to take him to the doctors and his knee was huge. The doctor took an x ray and luckily no broken bones. He then went to drain Matt's knee. He brought in a huge needle and stuck it in, had the nurse push around the knee so they could suck all the blood out (it was completely filled with blood) Then they realized they were going to need another needle. The nurse left in a hurry to get another needle so the doctor had me push the blood around. I was doing okay still. Then the nurse came in and the doctor unscrewed the needle part from the plastic part filled with blood to put on an empty plastic part and then the blood started gushing. All of the sudden I felt the room get super hot and I felt like I was going to throw up. I sat down and started bawling. The nurse was more worried about me than Matt haha. It was finally over and we went home. He has instructions to not put any weight on his leg, ice it, and elevate it. We have to go to an Orthopedic to get an MRI. Friday night was horrible. My stomach was sick all night and Matt was in pain all night. We slept very little. Saturday wasn't too bad, Matt stayed in bed all day watching movies and playing games, I had to do some stuff but eventually got to take a wonderful, long, desperately needed nap. That night was horrible. I woke at 3:00AM to Matt crying and his body shaking uncontrollably. I got some new ice, he took some of the pain killers they had given him, but they weren't working. I tried everything to get the pain to go away, finally he gave in and I took him to the hospital. Luckily we got in really quick. They couldn't do anything for him, other than prescribe a heavier pain killer (it lasts 6 hours!) We got home about 5:00AM and fell asleep pretty quickly. We stayed asleep until almost 11:00. It was a long night. Today has been great since he got the medicine that actually works. Here is a picture I took yesterday of his knees together.

To make the whole ordeal even worse, I had to worry about my church calling. I am the first counselor in Relief Society, the one in charge of the lessons. The lady who was going to teach this week had a miscarriage, so I was going to teach for her. Then this happened. Saturday around 3:00PM I called another teacher, she was out of town, the other teacher taught last week. Our President is out with hip surgery and the other counselor's husband just had back surgery. It was a bad week. I was getting desperate so I just called a lady who attends Relief Society. I heard she did great. The lesson was on Gratitude. I am grateful it might snow tomorrow. (That would mean classes and work are cancelled for Matt and possibly me.)
p.s. One of our angel fish died. :(

Alaina and Mitchell  – (January 23, 2011)  

WOW!! I totally would've passed out--needles and blood and everything just make me sick!! I guess if I knew it was helping my husband I could probably do it, but who knows!! :o) WHAT A WEEKEND! I'm so glad you guys got through it! You are a better person because of these kinds of experiences! :o)

Lacey  – (January 24, 2011)  

Oh my goodness!!!!! That sounds awful! I hope you are getting some rest this week and that his knee heals up quickly!! You both are in my prayers!

Jon & Aub  – (January 24, 2011)  

Wow, life is crazy isn't it? I am just so sorry that you had to do all weekend. And to top it off your fish dies.. Just know that people love you and are here for you!!

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