Matt's Knee Update

Matt finally went to get an MRI on Thursday and this morning we went to meet with the Dr. to find out what was wrong. Brace yourselves. He tore the LCL, ACL, medial meniscus, and something else but I can't make out the handwriting. He also stretched out another thing and bruised his bone. Bummer. They said he is just shy of having a knee replacement. While the Doctor was explaining all that was wrong it sounded so ridiculous I just wanted to laugh. He will have to have surgery, but he is in school and has a job, so the timing is not so good. He will be able to get around but he will have problems concentrating and will have lots of pain for a very long time. Matt asked if he could wait until the end of the semester to have the surgery and the Doctor said he could but it could get worse. Matt asked if there was anything left that could make it worse. Haha. Apparently there are still two things he hasn't torn. So thats good. It is going to be horrible for him, and me. We have both been sleeping through the night, but the day now exhausts me. I am also in school and working and now I have to take care of EVERYTHING. Matt is a great guy, a clean freak. So I have had lots of help with chores around the house, but now he can't do anything and I am having a hard time just keeping up with the dishes! I have had to drive him everywhere he needs to go and get him whatever he needs. It has been annoying. Haha. I am not excited for the surgery, it will just get worse. But other than that we are doing great. It really isn't as bad as it sounds.
One more fish has died since the last post. So sad. I made enchiladas today, they were no good. I had to meet with some people from my class, we are doing a project together and I think we made a record, we researched, put together a ten minute powerpoint, and wrote a two page paper in about an hour and a half. That made my week. Matt just started cooking a pizza so I have time to ramble, whoever wants can stop reading now, I really have nothing left to say so I will just tell about funny little things that have happened.
I have one class that is about program planning and we got into groups and had to make up programs we would do for people and focus on their wants and needs and crap. So the teacher went around the room asking what our programs were going to be and how they would fit with the community. Here is the dialoge between the teacher and one of the groups:
teacher: What is your program about?
group: We are going to have sort of lasertag for paraplegics.
one funny guy from the group: (super excited) YA! And they will all go around in their wheelchairs with laser guns but they will also have bombs, well not real bombs but bombs they can throw and they will emmit a laser to everyone who is in the vecinity. And they will all have three balloons tied to the back of their wheelchairs just like Mario Cart. And we will somehow rig them so instead of getting a beep when they get hit by a laser one of the balloons will fly off.
teacher: (confused face) Okay... But what do people want?
funny guy from group: (looks at teacher like she is an idiot) Lasers.
HAHAHAHH You probably had to be there but it was hilarious. I think it was a great program idea.
In another class the teacher asked "Would you guys rather pick partners first or hear about the project." There was a super long pause then one of the guys in the class said, "Ya." HAHAHAAH It was great!!! Did you get it?
I wish I had a video camera to tape all the funny things. I will try to remember some that are so funny you didn't have to be there.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (January 28, 2011)  

WOW! He is so lucky he doesn't have to have a knee replacement! Can you imagine being that young with a false knee? Wow, I can't believe he did all this just playing with daycare kids! I'm so glad you guys have answers! You'll get through this, the Lord knows you're strong enough for it! Keep us updated and we'll keep you guys in our prayers!

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