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I am in a New Testament class this semester, and I love it. When I transferred here a lot of my credits weren't accepted, even French credits! How can that not be accepted? Anyway EVERY SINGLE one of my religion credits DID transfer! Why? No idea. But luckily I ended up having so many that I am now minoring in religion and I only need a few more classes. So right now I am in a New Testament class. I learn more than I thought I could, and my testimony grows every second. It really makes me seriously grateful to know the truth. The class is really amazing, first of all it is only required for majors or minors in religion, and there are only 3 of us in the class, so the rest are taking it because they want to. College age students want to know more about the New Testament. I love it! There are over 50 students in the class and almost everyone participates in the discussions. Our teacher used to be a preach for some church and he is super knowledgeable about the scriptures, as are most of the students in my class. Everyone can quote scriptures and references. But the sad part is they don't understand what the passages mean. There are so many questions and so many different and wrong answers. I am amazed at how complicated the whole Adam and Eve thing is. I love how simple the gospel is and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be in this class and to answer questions. I don't know if anyone is ever listening, but I hope so.
Another great thing about the class is the online scriptures. I have my laptop for other classes and I don't want to carry around my scriptures because of the extra weight (I have 5 classes and have to carry around all my stuff for those classes) so I started using the scriptures from the church website. I love it. If you sign in as a member, they have a way to mark the scriptures, highlight them, write in a journal... It goes on. It makes studying so much easier. If you haven't checked it out, you should. make sure you sign in!

Alaina and Mitchell  – (February 11, 2011)  

How great! I love it! Is it weird to take a religion class at a different school than BYU? I bet it's kind of like a culture shock! I love that you're enjoying it so much. I had to defer this semester because Nathan was SO colicky and screamed all day, and one of the classes I was going to take was New Testament. I was really excited, but I have to put it off until this next semester in April. I'm jealous of you! :o)

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