Valentines Day Weekend

Yep, that's right. WEEKEND. It was great.
We weren't planning on having anytime alone together this whole weekend (turned out we did) or Monday, so Matt decided to give me my present early. He had a huge heart that he cut into pieces. He hid the pieces and when I found them all and put them together they said where he had hid my present. So i opened it and it was a new dress! YAY! I have been wearing the same ones for way too long and it is super cute and made out of very thin fabric so I will love it even more during the summer!
Matt had to go to an art museum in another town for a class so we spent awhile looking around at the different pictures then Matt got the genius idea to take some sweet pictures of our own. We saw in the temple bookstore a picture with the word TEMPLE on it, only each letter was a picture taken of some random object that looked like that letter. (If you don't understand scroll down and you can see ours and it will make sense.) So since we were out we decided to find objects to spell out TRIPLETT. It was great! We ended up touring the downtown area and taking a nice long walk while being super observant of every shape imaginable. It was wonderful. We went to Walmart and made some touch ups on our pictures then printed them out and bought a super cheap frame and some cute scrapbook paper. We came home and made a pretty background and put up the letters. It looks M-A-ZING (courtesy of Wingers.) This was probably one of my favorite things we have ever done. It was so completely different that it was nice to have a change, and we have something nice to show for the day. We spend almost nothing and had lots of fun. We also learned more about our downtown area. Then the missionaries and Matt's grandma came to eat dinner with us and we had breakfast foods. Can life get any better? Then I had to leave for a church meeting and when I got home all the dishes were done. (We don't have a dishwasher so that was a big deal.)
Here is the picture we made

Church was great, as always. But after we had DELICIOUS sandwiches at Matt's parent's house. They literally had everything you could ever want to put on a sandwich. Then we came home and took a nap before going to play games with some friends. Games also are always great so that was lots of fun. The best part of the day and possibly the rest of our lives came next. BU BU BU BUM...
One of the missionaries here is going home on Tuesday so he wanted to sell his. It is a $500.00 bike that we got for $60.00. Then we found out the last missionary who went home had left his to sell to another guy in our ward who ended up not wanting it so we bought that one for $40.00. And we got both helmets and a bike chain. The missionaries told us they almost never ride bikes so they are practically brand new. We live literally right next to a walking/biking park, and we can't wait to ride our bikes there!!
These are the helmets, they are the same because the missionaries bought them from the mission. Notice the pictures inside the one, missionaries rock.
These are our new bikes. They were also bought from the mission so they are the same.

That's why this has been the best Valentines Weekend EVER. We will barely see each other tomorrow because of our schedules so it we counted the weekend as our holiday.

Alaina and Mitchell  – (February 13, 2011)  

How cool!! We have a picture like that that says DOOLEY (obviously!). We got it as a wedding gift, and I love it, but I can't imagine how much FUN it must've been to make one yourself! And now if you move away it'll always remind you of specific places from your first home :o)

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