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I had a test today, on identifying birds. I can now correctly identify 40 birds in North Carolina. One is the wood duck. Another is the cow bird, which lays it's eggs in other birds' nests for them to raise it's babies. Starlings were brought over from Europe and we are free to shoot them whenever we want. North Carolinians don't like Starlings. I think they are pretty.
I have two internship interviews tomorrow. I'm very excited about both. They are jobs at aquariums next to the ocean. One of the programs is a sleepover next to the huge fish tank. I hope the interviews go good. The best part is I would be inside with air conditioning all day.
Matt and his band made a demo disc yesterday. They haven't finished it. He still brought it home last night and made me listen to it while I was trying to study my birds. It sounded good.
This morning he made my sandwich for lunch so I could study the birds before I had to go to school. It was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. I wish he had made me two.
I found out that a guy named Meier thinks Jesus walking on water was something the early church made up to spread Jesus' name. He thinks it was fake because Jesus wasn't helping anyone by doing that. Apparently that means he can't walk on water.
It rained. There was fog. Lots of fog. And I have decided I am going to learn how to take pretty pictures. And maybe speak Spanish and remember all the French I learned. Also I am going to have triplets (I'm not pregnant, that's just a goal) so they can be the Triplett triplets. I might get bangs. I want to buy binoculars to bird watch. I might kill a starling. Probably not. I wish we could paint our walls. I have a fish with a fuzzy eye. I never want to be on American Idol. I wish I could remember what show is on what channel. I want to go back to Brazil. I want to go to the beach. I want to swim. I want to learn to scuba dive. I want my hair to grow faster. I think too much. Matt finally got home :)

Jon & Aub  – (February 25, 2011)  

Kim you are amazing! You always make me smile. I wish you luck on your goals an things you want to do.

P.S I do not think any one likes starlings, we use to shoot them cause they would eat our cherries off the tree. It was a favorite summer activity :)

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