S.N.O.W. and Blessings

Super Neat Outrageous Winter That equals SNOW!!!! and that is what it did on Saturday!!!! and I have TWO, not one but TWO videos of the beautiful snow. It was amazing. We were sitting in our house watching something and talking to Matt's dad who had come over. I was facing the window and the blinds were shut, but through the little slits i could see something, and I got up to see what it was and... WHAT TO MY WONDERING EYES SHOULD APPEAR??? BUT MASSIVE LARGE HUGE CHUNKS of SNOW, and no reindeer. It was GREAT!!! I ran outside and yelled it is SNOWING!!! Matt's dad jumped up and left, barely even saying goodbye! That is what they do here, when you see snow that means barricade yourself in your house. If you are not home, GO HOME!!!!! They are super extreme. Anyways I have a video of Matt filming the snow while I am on the phone and the other is me trying to catch the chunks in my mouth. It was delicious.

He said this is our first snow together, but it isn't, it snowed last year while I was out here and while he was in Montana. So it is the first of this season.

I would also like to tell of some of the amazing blessings we have. We have two cars, one is a 2005 silver car that is very nice. The other is 19-something and no good, it is on the verge of breaking down ALL THE TIME. But it hasn't. Matt uses the crappy car and I use the nice one because I have to drive an hour into the mountains for school everyday. So this whole semester I have been using that car and it has worked out pretty nice. Friday night we went to see TANGLED (GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!) and then out to eat with our friend Danae. After a fun night we were headed home and just when we were about a block from our house a light came on and the car just randomly started heating up FAST! but we made it home and the next day Matt's dad came over to find out what it was, he knows a lot about cars, and I guess we have a problem with the radiator, a hole or broken pipe. This could not have come at a more perfect time. My finals start Wednesday. I only have one more day of class, Monday, which by the look of things might be cancelled because apparently the 3 inches of snow they got is deadly :). And if I need to I can skip that day, so we have two whole days to try to get the car fixed, and my wonderful friend Danae offered to let me use her car on Wednesday if ours isn't ready. WOW. She also got me a job!!! I am a janitor :) I make my own hours and work as long as I want. And it is at her work, the WIC office and last time she stayed for two extra hours to talk to me while I worked. She is the best. P.S. She is originally from Wyoming. That is why she is so great. But back to the car. WOW. It is amazing that this waited to happen until now. We would have had big problems if it had happened earlier. We are so blessed and so happy.

Jamie  – (December 05, 2010)  

Kimmy, I dreamed that we had a long phone visit adn I think it's because I caught up on your blog the other night. i want you to know how AWESOME you are and how much I love and miss you and how proud I am of you adn to know you how much I wish you were having a baby the time as me!!! (Ok, just kidding about that one--that's private beeswax, I know). Seriously, I loev your attitude and I just know you are going to have the most blessed life if you keep the faith because you two are superfriends. Happy Holidays and snow days adn best wishes on the car gettin gfixed.

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