This past week was GREAT! I only had one class on Tuesday so I skipped it, it felt good. I did lots of homework, and now I have practically nothing left before the semester ends. We put up our tree on Monday for Family Home Evening and it is super cute :). It helps having a tree since there isn't any snow to make it seem like Christmas. Our house looks great!

On Thursday morning Matt went and played basketball with the guys from church and I went to my friend Danae's house, she is the relief society pres. We worked in her yard blowing and raking leaves for hours! The weather was perfect, cloudy and cold, but we still worked up a sweat. Later Matt came over to help, but of course he didn't get there until we were all done so he put up her Christmas tree while we went to Walmart to get some lights to hang. When we got back he had most of the tree done and we worked on stringing cranberries and popcorn, it looked AMAZING! We had to leave pretty before we could finish to go eat THANKSGIVING DINNER! YUMMY! We went to Matt's grandma's house, Nanny. There was a bunch of people, too many to count. Matt and I sat with his sister and her boyfriend where the kids were supposed to sit, it was nice. After eating they have a tradition where everyone goes outside and they light up a little Christmas tree they have in the yard and everyone sings Christmas carols. Only two people sang. But it was still a nice thought. In between Matt's mom introducing me to a million people I was playing with Matt's cousin who has autism, I babysat him and his sister during the summer. He is hilarious! He is obsessed with wrestling and can name EVERYTHING about ALL the wrestlers in all the wrestling shows, things like names, weight, height, stats... its crazy, but he was pretending to be Cain I think, but Matt kept calling him John Cena. He is probably the only wrestler Matt knows and he was trying to be cool, it didn't work :) But it was fun, we were running around and beating each other up. Friday was even better, Matt and I went to get fabric to make our own stockings! We worked on them most of the day and some of Saturday and they turned out GREAT! I did most of the work, but Matt helped when he could, but he didn't like the look of the stuff he did so I usually ended up finishing. It was lots of fun!

Friday we also bought all the gifts we needed to for Christmas and wrapped them so we have some presents under the tree. I am so grateful for life and all the fun things we have to do everyday. I am grateful for all the people I know and the things I learn from them. I am mostly grateful for my wonderful husband who makes me happy! p.s. I finally figured out how to put up pictures!

Alaina and Mitchell  – (November 29, 2010)  

How sweet!! I love it! I'm so jealous! We're going to Mitch's parents' house for Christmas, so we decided not to do a tree until we are actually staying home for I bought garland I found at DI and i'm going to decorate that instead! (We're taking our presents to his parents' no need for them to be under anything here!) I can't WAIT to do a tree, though! I'm doing Christmas stuff this week; I can't wait to get some holiday-ness in here! :o) I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing so well! I love the stockings!!

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