Saudades da Missao

Yesterday Matt and I got to talk to our mission president's wife on Skype. It was GREAT! It brought back lots of memories and she updated us on lots of the other missionaries we have lost contact with. The mission is doing amazing, they have almost 2,000 baptisms for this year, and over 600 marked for this month. Sister Moreira started crying, she said she hasn't ever had another assistant like Matt, they are all too serious. He is a great guy, they probably wont have one as funny as him. Sister Moreira is great, she is super friendly, one of those people who can start up a conversation and make you feel completely at ease the second you meet her. I can't wait to go back to Brazil! She can't either. She said if we can't visit them in Brazil before they are done with the mission then we are going to have to go to Portugal. I think we should do both. I will never understand how perfect both of our mission presidents were. They were complete opposites, but perfect for the mission at their times. President and Sister Wilkins were the sweetest people I have ever met. They were completely understanding and could always make us feel at home in Brazil. President and Sister Moreira are more scary. Pres. Moreira reminds me of Elder Holland. He would burn us and tell us exactly what we needed to hear. Sister Moreira was the comic relief. She always made us laugh. The mission was great. My Presidents were the best :)

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