The sun was not shining. It was cloudy. My favorite pair of pants were clean. I could see the pink from my sock through the hole in my shoe. It took only a few minutes to make my lunch. My car was filled with gas.

I had to drive to school today. For those of you that I don't complain to on a regular basis, I live about an hour from my school, and I have to park my car so far away from my class it takes another 20 minutes to walk there. For the last semester I have been catching a ride with one of my teachers who lives by me and he has a supreme parking spot, about 2 minutes from my class. Today he had to stay late so I drove myself. Luckily I woke up on the right side of the bed.

Traffic is horrible during the fall because of all the tourists coming to see the colors change. That is where they are wrong. It is pretty in the fall, yes. The colors range from green, red, yellow, and brown. But in the spring, there are no words. Remember in a box of crayons how there is always that ugly color of green? It looks like green and yellow mixed, it is probably called yellow-green. Remember skipping over it every time a picture was colored? Remember thinking, Why do they have the color? Well I finally found out where that color comes from. In nature it is about a billion times more beautiful than it is on paper or in a crayon. It seems to glow. Driving up the mountains the past few weeks I have been watching the trees change. There is literally every color of green imaginable in the mountains.

I had to take 3 tests today. One of them was cumulative, we got to use a note card. We got to class and the teacher split us into groups. We played jeopardy. Six different teams. Mine won. In the end the teacher gave everyone an A on the test. I was glad. My next test went fast. No worries. Then I took my New Testament test. I thought it went good, but I got a C. Not good. He has hard questions, all multiple choice, but all of the answers could be right. Usually the teachers give at least one answer that can be completely disregarded. Not this guy. There goes my 4.0. Oh well. Good think I woke up on the right side of the bed.

Since last semester I have been working like crazy to find an internship. There was a mandatory meeting on April 14th and I had to have my internship picked out by then. I literally applied to a billion places. Nothing. Nothing. And more nothing. I was getting worried. Then randomly in one day I got 3 offers. A week and a few days before I had to have one picked out. Massive relief. I decided on Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium. I am going to be an interpreter/educator. Not a language interpreter but the person who stands in front of a big group of people and explains what they are looking at. I am very excited. Very. It is also right next to the ocean. The only downfall is it is almost 6 hours away and Matt will have to stay here for the summer. But it will be worth it. Check them out: www.ncaquariums.com/pine-knoll-shores

On Tuesday we went to a BBQ at our neighbors house. They put their grill on a glass table. I think we all knew it was a bad idea but nobody said anything. After about ten minutes of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, the whole table shattered. Everything went into the grass. We all just stood there shocked for a minute. It seemed like time froze. It was pretty funny. Lesson learned.

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