Montana Visit

After the scavenger hunt
Team 1 (winners)

Team 2 (Losers)

Grandpa Wayne and his many boys

All of the Larson siblings

I cut my dad's hair :)

Last Friday I learned that my grandma, my dad's mom, had died. She was very old and sick and, while it is sad she is gone, it was for the best. Her funeral was wednesday and Matt and I had enough skymiles for me to fly out there for free. Everything worked out great, I only had one day of classes the whole week because finals were the next week. So I flew out on Sunday and stayed until the next Sunday.

All of my dad's brothers and sisters made it to the funeral, there are eleven of them and it has been over twenty years since they were all together at the same time. It was nice to finally meet them all.

The funeral was amazing. I loved all the talks and learned a lot about my grandma. The family is part indian so they even had a medicine man sing something. It was nice. She would have loved it. I was also very happy to see all the people who were there. She and her husband played in a band together at different places and were very well known. Lots came to pay their respects.

The best part was of course the neices. Kimberly finally likes me. We had fun and laughed quite a bit. Kylee wasn't so nice in the beginning of the day but opened up more toward the end. I learned about all the cute little things they do and loved every second of it.

On Saturday, Steph and I were bored and didn't want to waste the last day so we decided to make a scavenger hunt for Cass and Jenn and some of their friends. It was super fun, I got a few pictures. One of the things they had to do was go to a bunch of different houses and get random things, like paper, tape, feathers... then make a mask out of those random things and wear them into the grocery store. I love small towns. In the end we all ate ice cream cake and got to see videos of our friend Jessica's wedding. She was beautiful! We also got to eat her leftover candy from the wedding.

It was a wonderful trip. My time on the plane was spent sleeping and crocheting, check out my things HERE

Alaina and Mitchell  – (May 04, 2011)  

yay!! I love it! I'm so glad you had fun and were able to stay a whole week--and fly for free! Sweet! It was so fun to see you guys and Mitch loved meeting you :o)

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