Life on the beach

The summer has flown by, but it seems to be dragging on at the same time. I have been on the coast the whole summer and Matt had to stay in Lenoir and we only got to see each other 3 times. It has been hard. But luckily for me I have the best job and I have lived with the best people so the summer has been wonderful. Matt and I were only going to see each other 2 times, but last week we decided to meet halfway at Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) on Monday night and we went our separate ways Tuesday after lunch, but it was totally worth it. We did some outlet shopping and Matt had bought me a new camera!! YAY! It was much needed. This last week at work has been awesome. Yesterday I went snorkeling, and I realized I had never been completely submerged in the ocean. It was so salty it hurt! But it was great! I saw fish, corals, sponges, crabs, and cannonball jellies! Today at work we left a little early and went surfing! It was exhausting. I only got up to my elbows, never on my actual feet. But I did learn that just laying on the board and catching waves is like a fun water slide. So it was nice, minus the bruises from the board being smashed into my legs constantly. I am excited to get back to Matt, but seriously who could be happy to leave this job? It was the best. Here are some photos of Matt and I from Tuesday lunch and my awesome job.
Me at the invert tank talking to visitors.

Brittney and I are holding and touching jelly fish, this kind is a moon jellie, their sting is so tiny we can't feel it.

Teeny tiny baby sea turtles!! Just hatched, we get the ones that have something wrong with them. These two guys are not expected to make it :(

This is one of the alligators we use for one of our programs.

This next one is us cutting up cow heart, it is bird food.

I got to do some training with our broad winged hawk

Matt and I eating lunch and taking pics with our new camera.

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