Labor Day Weekend and Pregnancy

This weekend was AWESOME. Matt and I picked up one of my companions from the mission, Sister Hall, on Friday night and we stayed up until the weee hours of the morning talking. On Saturday we went to the flea market, bright and early. It was her first time and she bought 3 pairs of baby shoes and I think 12 movies! WOW! But she loved it, who wouldn't? She kept saying, "It is like another world here." It is. I have decided that next time we go to the flea market I will film some so everyone can see how crazy it is there. We then went home and sat around watching Netflix and taking turns getting ready. We went out to eat and then to Michaels and Best Buy, (GREAT pictures I will post later) then home to relax and crochet the day away. It was nice. Sunday we went to church, Matt FINALLY got called to be Pres of the Elder's Quorum. He has been unofficially called for months, so it was nice for it to finally be official. We went home and cooked PAO DE QUIEJO! DELICIOUS!! It is a cheesy bread from Brazil, it calls for Polvilho, which is something we don't have here, but Kristine (Sis. Hall) has a Brazilian grocery store close and was able to bring the special ingredient. It was amazing. Matt's family had a BBQ that night and after that we got to talk to our mission pres. wife. It was great. She is now addicted to Cook Out.

Now for an update on the prego part.

I have figured it out, if I tell everyone that the pregnancy is a secret, then they tell people, but those people pretend they don't know, but tell other people, who pretend they don't know... and in the end no one tells me what to do or who to see or how they felt or anything else that can possibly be said about being pregnant. People just ask how I am and look at my belly, I play dumb and say fine and walk away :) It works great. That way I don't have to listen to any unwanted advice or answer the same questions over and over again. And I'm not lying because I really do feel fine.
I do not have the nausea most people have. I have not thrown up at all and am 10. 5 weeks. If I start to feel sick I eat and it goes away. I was TIRED. I have only been home for about a month so I was pregnant while working at my internship and it was tough. Going to school has also been hard, but I already have more energy, I don't need naps everyday anymore!
I cry. ALL THE TIME. For no reason. Someone says something funny, I laugh so hard I cry. I watch a sort of sad movie, I cry. Matt farts, I cry. Matt talks about 72 hour kits and zombies, I cry. It's weird, and it was hard in the beginning, but now we both know it is completely ridiculous so we just wait until I am done and life goes on.
EVERYTHING is disgusting. I can't stand looking at dishes with food on them. I can't clean the bathroom floor because it has been so long since it has been clean that it is disgusting. I HATE toughing the toilet seat, when Matt leaves it up. I am a germ-a-phobe basically. I try to touch things like doors or desks in places that other people wouldn't normally touch so I don't get their germs. I wash my hands every change I get. When people burp or fart it is SICK. When I do it is okay :)
My pants are tighter, my tummy is bigger. I don't think it's a baby bump but more of a fat/bloated/constipated bump.
I hate children over the age of 2. They annoy me. But babies are cute.
That pretty much sums everything up. I am super lucky!!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (September 06, 2011)  

Oh man, I cried too! My thing was, I would cry over things that I wouldn't normally cry about, but then I COULDN'T STOP! It was ridiculous! We had to leave church once because I couldn't stop crying and get it together before sacrament meeting! (which we had last.) You ARE super lucky to not throw up yet--hopefully your bout of nausea just doesn't start later! Good luck! :o)

Jenn  – (September 17, 2011)  

Babies are cute! And I bet before you know'll like 2 yr olds! ;0)

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