So here are a bunch of the pics we took at Best Buy. It was hilarious. There are a gazillion funny ones of sister hall, but I don't remember which ones she said can't go up, so I only put the one up of just her.
We were laughing so hard. I suggest everyone do that when you are bored. And pregnant, then you will probably pee your pants and laugh even harder. I didn't because I'm not that far along, but I think about those things now and I think it would be very funny.
Today was amazing. It was cold out. COLD! Amazing. I had to get a jacket on, I hope it stays that way, but I think it was just because it was overcast, so no horrible sun to blind your eyes and make you sweat all day. It was great.
Today I went out with Matt to get a haircut, twice, because the first time they weren't open. I also bought a trash can. We never had a big one and I was sick of changing the trash everyday.
We also have an ant problem, we never did have one before. Now they are EVERYWHERE. Including in my half-eaten cereal bowl this morning :( It's not fun seeing an ant floating in your milk after you ate a bunch. But luckily for me I probably ate multiple ants in Brazil, one time the frosting on the cake was moving because there were so many ants on it! We just brushed them off and hoped for the best. I figured that was worse than eating them in cereal so I finished my bowl.
I think Matt threw away the cereal because he came home today from work with new cereal. I love my man :)
Funny story about him (and probably every other clueless guy)
Wednesday at school I saw a girl eating nachos. Looked amazing. I texted Matt and said we need to eat Mexican. Later that day I texted him again saying I couldn't wait to get home and go out to eat Mexican. -What are all the girls here thinking? Take her out for Mexican. What are guys thinking? Is she trying to tell me something here?- I get home, walk in the house. There he is cooking steak and potatoes. GRRRRRR . I said did you get my texts? He says ya and I thought I would be sweet and make you steak and potatoes since you kept talking about food. SERIOUSLY! So no Mexican. And boys say girls are complicated. But he did take me out for milkshakes today. I enjoyed it.
Another funny story that involves crazy pregnant lady crying:
Matt was talking to me the other day and he happened to spit while he was talking. The spit landed on my neck. I started crying and freaking out because it was gross and it was on my neck and he wouldn't wipe it off. He thought it was funny so he waited a bit. But that is what I mean by everything is gross and everything makes me cry. Hilarious.
Anywho. That's about it, enjoy the pics!

Brian and Kayla  – (September 16, 2011)  

You guys are so cute. We totally would love to meet Matt. Your pregnancy stories entertain me as well. Oh I miss you Kim! I wish we could hang out...we would ALL the time if only we lived closer. Hope things are going well! I wish it would get cold in Houston!

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