I went to the doctor yesterday, it was GREAT. Everything is perfect, I'm not anemic or anything else that pregnant ladies are/get. The baby is actually 13 weeks along so I got to hear the heart beat! Here are some pictures from the ultrasound, it's a cute one!!! We were talking to our Bishop on Sunday and he gave us some advice. He said never to say our kid is cuter than anyone else's kid, because it isn't. Ha. But I would like to say that our kid is pretty dang cute and it is only 2 inches :) So watch out everyone because I am pretty sure our kid is gonna be cuter than yours :)
And sorry about the picture quality, I took pictures of the ultrasound pictures with my camera and if the flash is on it leaves a flash on the picture, when it is off the camera doesn't do the hand stead thing it does with flash. Annoying.

This is a picture of the heart beat. Boring, but it gets better.

Here is it's hand, you can actually see the fingers!

Creepy alien head. But still cuter than your kid. Plus ours can talk!! It totally said Hi family.

And Hi mom and dad.

This is another cute picture, you can see the hands and the two little feet squished down by it's butt.

This last one shows a profile of our cutest-baby-in-the-world baby. And it has a pot belly :)

So cute. Today was not so good. I get sick when I walk, unless I take super deep breathes, in and out, in and out... That's what I think when I have to walk, or else I start gagging. I hope that was only a one day thing. School is getting tough. Probably because I am in my last year. I am busy like crazy, and lazy like crazy. Not a good combo, but as long as I pass, no need to get A's.

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