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So I am in the second trimester, 16 weeks and 2 days and so excited. The first trimester was as good as it could get, so of course, the second part is no good. I am much sicker these days, still not anywhere close to as bad as some people have it, but sicker than I was before. I am gaining weight, the Dr. said I gained just a little tiny bit too much, but it all goes straight to my belly, so that's okay with me. I took a picture finally, mainly because of my totally sweet pants. Jealous? I know. I have a class called Inclusive Rec, it's about making sure people with disabilities can be included in any services offered by agencies. For the midterm I had to spend two hours in a wheelchair and I have to write a paper. Yesterday we went on a wheelchair date :) It was surprisingly fun. We did lots of different things, but the best was going to the Goodwill to buy some green clothes for our NINJA TURTLE costumes!!! Jealous again? Brilliant idea and we found LOTS of good things, so these pants I am wearing we got there and I will wear them for my costume. They are totally Granny pants, as you can see they come up all the way around the gut. It showed off my belly so beautifully that we had to take a picture.

These next pictures are just a little glimpse of fall, yesterday was amazing, the leaves were so pretty that they were almost glowing! Today I took my camera with me to school to take some pictures, and it was super complicated in the car so I pulled over at a few places, but sadly it was a rainy day and foggy so the pictures are not the best, but take my word for it, it is AMAZING.

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