Matt's Bday and Halloween Party

Matt's birthday was the 13th, we went to Ruby Tuesdays with a bunch on friends and ate delicious food. It was lots of fun. I made him a cake for the occasion, the one on the left, it was my first ever and I made a little drum set. It looked a lot better than I expected, but the inside frosting was runny and totally grossed me out so we ended up throwing it away after we took a picture. The one on the right is from his work. They had a fun little party for him.

Matt's work also had a Halloween party last Friday and it was fun, we dressed up and carved pumpkins and ate lots of delicious food. Our costumes were awesome. We were Ninja Turtles, Matt was Michelangelo and I was Leonardo. I can't wait for Halloween to wear them again!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (October 27, 2011)  

aww but next Halloween you'll have a baby ninja turtle to accompany you! There are darling baby turtle costumes out there that are all warm for wickedly cold Idaho Halloweens, and they could easily be turned into a ninja turtle! DO IT!!! :o)

Kristine  – (October 27, 2011)  

Pretty much I love those costumes especially knowing your inspiration! You guys crack me up. I didn't know you did a drum set on the cake such a great idea. Miss you and love that you still make me laugh miles and miles away!

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