Halloween Pumpkins

This is a little late, but that's okay, better late than never. I think it was the day before Halloween that we actually had time to finally carve our pumpkins. We were super busy, can't remember exactly why, but we never had time to carve them. We bought them at a pumpkin patch at a church and got home only to realize we paid double what we would have paid if we got them from walmart. Annoying. But mine was perfect and Matt's was huge, so it wasn't a complete waste.

This is a little pic of my belly, I shot it myself. :) It was taken the day we carved the pumpkins, so I will have to put up a more recent side shot soon!

Here we have a picture of the pumpkin that was carved at Matt's work party. We were gonna bring it inside to take a picture with the other two, but when Matt went to get it he found things living in it, including these two slugs. Nasty.

Our awesome decorating. The inside was also really good, but I never got a picture.

So cute.

This is my master piece. The beautiful bow is made out of a napkin.

Matt's wonderful pumpkin with one HUGE tooth.

Notice how the eyes on Matt's and my pumpkins are the same? Well we didn't plan that!!! I did mine and he did his and we looked and they were the same, so we made sure not to have the same nose and mouth.

This is the before picture.

These last few days I have been doing lots and lots of school work and attempting to keep myself sane by CROCHETING. I am addicted, and if it didn't cramp my hand up so easily I would probably fail school and life. I will put pictures of those things on my other blog, since I haven't put anything up on it in a LONG time.
The best news of all??? TOMORROW WE FIND OUT WHAT THE BABY IS!!! I can't wait!!! The bad news???? We are not going to tell anyone until next Friday. The reason?? It's a secret, if this were a private blog I could say, but I don't know how to make it private. I also got some sweet new shoes and sunglasses from my man. He rocks. Also the second best news??? WE CAN FEEL THE BABY KICK!!!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (November 11, 2011)  

aww I love feeling fetuses move and jump around! it's so fun!

Hmmm...not fair that you won't tell us what the baby is. You should text me and tell me. It'll be our secret. :o)

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