Well, we spent an hour with the ultrasound lady and our little baby would not cooperate. She got most of the measurements she needed, but not all, and of course she couldn't figure out the gender. The baby stayed all squished up together, and the cord was between it's legs the whole time. The dr. had me go to the bathroom and even kept hitting me on the tummy to try to annoy the baby into changing positions, of course nothing worked. She told us that luckily she couldn't get all the measurements so we would probably get to come back in a week or two because they need the measurements, but the real doctor said no need, four weeks was good. But she also said that if we are in town we can call the place and if they aren't busy they will let me come it to see if the baby will show it's gender. Sadly we aren't usually there, but maybe will have to make more trips to Hickory. And we will have an ultrasound scheduled before every actual appointment until the baby does show. It was great seeing the baby move around so much, and weird because I can only feel it move every once in a while. The ultrasound lady said the baby was measuring at 20 weeks and 6 days, it was only 20 weeks and 5 days :) So the measurements are great. And it is in the 62 percentile. All is well. I will put up the ultrasound pictures soon.

I was a little relieved that we didn't find out the gender. A week ago I didn't want to know and was almost dreading having to find out. Mainly I didn't want to know because I didn't want to tell some people, so we decided to wait a week before we told anyone. Annoying I know, but if it were completely up to me I wouldn't tell anyone until the baby came out. So a week ago is when I started feeling it kick and that is when I started getting excited. So I did want to know and was SUPER excited yesterday up until the appointment, but while we were there and the lady was trying to get the baby to move I was excited that it wasn't moving. Matt was SERIOUSLY sad about it! He said he already owes the kid a beating haha. So we left and he was very sad. We had planned on going to a fabric store for me to get some things and he wanted me to make him something that has his football team logo on it and we looked all over for it, they had EVERY OTHER TEAM so finally he asked someone and they had run out the day before. He was even more sad. So then we decided to go to the mall where they have this little Asian couple that gives amazing massages. Matt was super excited and when we got there we found out they no longer had their little shop there. Depressing. And of course there was some hardcore traffic going home. So Matt had a sucky day, but I got my secret wish of not knowing what the baby is, my fabric I wanted, and I got a delicious pretzel at the mall.

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (November 12, 2011)  

Awww poor Matt! Haha sounds like a great day for you though! Amazing how the same days can be so different for people!

Wow, you are awesome. I could never keep anything about our pregnancy a secret. He was announced the day we found out, his gender was posted on facebook right when we got home from the dr (we called our families on the way home, lol!) and his name was announced then as well! I can totally respect people for keeping such a difficult secret!

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