So this is all going to be backwards, I forget almost very time that the pictures come up with the last one first, so thats annoying. And it took SOOOO FREAKIN LONG to upload these 5 pics that I am not going to even think about uploading any more. So Saturday was great. We went to the Science Center, lots of fun stuff, maybe I will see if facebook is uploading faster and put them up there. I had to go for a school thing so they let us it for the child price :) While we were there we learned about a service project the boy scouts were going to do but had to bail last minute for some reason so Matt was one of the people who got called in, so we left and grabbed Arby's for lunch. And I totally learned how to get an instant good mood!!!! So simple and I can't believe no one ever told me!!! Now I don't know if it worked because I was already in a good mood. But here is the secret:

This next picture is of me and Matt standing outside the Science Center. I don't know why he was looking at me.
Here is Matt before we left. I was on the computer for about an hour looking at Pinterest while he was sitting there telling me to get off so he could look at homework stuff. Then I couldn't stop laughing at all the funny quotes and pictures so he joined me and I got to show him how great it is :) Then I gave him the computer and took a picture and said I was gonna tell everyone he was on Pinterest. But he wasn't.
Here are some belly pics, I took them yesterday, so technically I was 21 weeks and 6 days. And I was only giving peace signs, but I realized that 2 and 2 is 22, which is how many weeks I am today, so lets just say I did that on purpose and I was 22 weeks along. Also notice the line around my waist? That is a pair of my old pants that I cut up and made into pregnancy pants :) They are AMAZING!!! I just bought some stretchy fabric and cut out the zipper and top of my pants and sewed the fabric. SO CHEAP! And in the picture the stretchy fabric is folded down because I'm not that far along yet, but when I get bigger I can pull it up further to cover my belly :) I made 2 pairs and a belly wrap thing, that isn't connected to the pants! And I have left over fabric and if you need me to make you some to save money just send your pants and I can. These are possible the best things I have made.
I look weird in this picture, but my belly looks cute :)
So back to Saturday. The service project was at my friend Danae's house. Perfect. So I went with Matt and got to help out some and chit chat while the guys worked. Then Matt left and I stayed and we went to the store and then back to her house to watch a movie. She also gave me some Scentsy smelly stuff. It is smelly wax and you melt it and it makes your house smell good. We had some a while ago but Matt used it all up while I was gone for the summer :( So sad. So she had me look through all of her THOUSANDS of smells and I chose a bunch and went home. Today I had put one it that is called Sugar Cookie. And yes, it makes your house SMELL LIKE SUGAR COOKIES!!!!! Which might not be so good. Today we came home and ate then went to take a nap because we didn't sleep good. So while we slept I had the wax burning, and what did I dream about? Eating sugar cookies. What have I been craving ever since I woke up? Sugar cookies. What do I not have the stuff to make? Sugar cookies. Blast. But we did have Cinnamon Streusel Muffins and we made those, it helped. While I was making the muffins I asked Matt to read #3 on the instructions and he stood there for a minute and I said "out loud." And he said I don't know the first word. HAHA It was streusel. I laughed pretty hard. He is hilarious. The best part about today? We had 6 investigators at church today!!! The missionaries are tearing it up. The worst part? We had to bring 5 of them. The members are not tearing it up. It's annoying, Matt has a meeting in the morning before church and then he has to leave his meeting early to go get people while I have to drive the other car (I should take pics, it is TRASH on wheels. Literally.) and get the rest of the people. But the good thing is that the members are nice and friendly during church so everyone feels included and gets to meet lots of people. It was a good day. And our house smells like sugar cookies. And I forgot, but we put up our Christmas tree yesterday!!! Matt has been talking about doing it for at least a month, his dad hates doing it and some years they didn't get to so I think that's why he is so excited about putting up the tree to make up for all the times he didn't have one. I could go on, but some of you would rather be on Pinterest than reading this post.

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (November 20, 2011)  

I love your blog :o) And your cute belly! I'm so glad your jeans turned into maternity jeans so easily! My hips spread so fast I couldn't possibly fit in my old jeans. So, I shopped at thrift stores and consignment stores and just made the best of it. Wish I could've made my own! You're awesome!

I can't wait until you're HERE! I know it's still far away, but it makes Rexburg look that much happier :o)

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