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So it's another Friday night and I am home alone, Matt is at band practice. I am watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutora, I think that's his name. It is a GREAT show!! and it's on netflix! But I can only handle so many episodes. So here I am blogging about nothing in particular.
This week has been nice, I reread Hunger Games. SO GOOD! I literally can't wait for that movie!!! It comes out March 23rd and I was seriously annoyed that the baby is due so close to that date! It better not interfere with the movie haha.
I also crocheted some super cute hats for my nieces, late Christmas presents :)The first one is for Kylee, it is actually purple and light blue, it looks like dark and light blue but it isn't. It is my fav! The second is for Kimberly.

And Matt and I decided on a monster theme for our little man and have been looking up different ideas, and found there aren't very many monster theme rooms! But we have put our heads together and are making things/getting ready to make things. We made a bunch of ADORABLE little crocheted monsters that we are going to make into a mobile, I did the basic crocheting part and Matt actually sewed on eyes and hair and things. I will put up pics of those after I take some.
I also found out how to change my flavicon!!!! I didn't even know what it was and stumbled upon it and now I love it :) If you are like me and have no idea what that is, look up to the top of the page and you will see my tab and next to the trippinforthetripletts name you will see a little one eyed monster, that is my flavicon!!! Most people have the orange B next theirs because that is the general Blogspot flavicon. To find out how to change yours go here: http://www.thewonderforest.com/2011/11/blog-tip-how-to-create-favicon.html
I also found out how to make my header part pretty :) So I had lots of fun messing around with that too! I got to to put in more that one picture and now know how to make the title look awesome :) I will probably make a bazillion of those when I am bored and change them constantly. The sad thing is I don't remember where I found how to do it, but the same lady who did the flavicon also has a thing on how to do it if you have photoshop, which I don't, but if you do then you can go off her ideas.
Today it was our turn to clean the church, THREE HOURS!!! My back has never hurt so bad in my whole life. And by the time we left I was STARVING and we had a gift card to a restaurant so we went there. They forgot about us :( It was so sad. They are supposed to give you delicious biscuits in the very beginning and we waited and waited and waited and realized everyone else was getting them but us. Finally we asked for some and our waitress said she thought she already brought us some. Right. We were annoyed. But we still tipped her, even though she didn't deserve it.
I went to the doc yesterday and that was the day I had to get tested for gestational diabetes and anemia. I am not anemic! YAY! and they don't have the other test back yet. But it was not fun, my stupid veins are STUPID!! The nurses took turns trying to get a vein and finally they called one of the lab people who finally was able to get my blood. They told me to remember to tell them next time I'm there to just call the lab and tell them they used a butterfly. I don't know what that means. I thought they were talking about the bandaid, but they weren't. But I do know that instead of the little red spots that are usually left from needles I have a bloody bubble like thing on my are. Nasty. I don't know if that is from all the holes put together or the butterfly. Either way it's no fun. But the baby is great, he is measuring at 28 weeks and I will be 28 weeks on Sunday! He moves like crazy, but I have never felt hiccups, I don't know if that's a bad thing. I have gained, brace yourself, 28 pounds!!!! WHAT!? I am supposed to gain between 20 and 30. So only 2 more to go, except the baby still needs to gain 6ish more pounds so thats not good. I don't know where it is going, I feel like the only part of me that is bigger are my tummy and boobs. That is all. Everything fits around the legs and arms like normal and my ankles haven't swollen or anything. It is very strange. But I guess I am pretty lucky that I can gain almost 30 pounds and not really look like it (maybe I am completely wrong and I do look huge, in that case, bummer.)
That is about it. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!

Jon & Aub  – (December 30, 2011)  

Kim I just have to say I love you and you make me laugh :)

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