Christmas Presents

Christmas eve was quite possibly the coolest day EVER!!! Matt bought tickets for the PANTHERS GAME!!! The played the Buccaneers and won, 48 to 16 i think. They STOMPED them. It was a great game, the best one of the season in my opinion! We had seats that were SUPER far away, but turned out to be great because we could see EVERYTHING and were at an angle so we could keep track of the ball and nothing was ever in our way :) When the game was about to start an older man and his wife and their friends came and sat by us. He was on my right and Matt was on my left so the guy was mainly talking to me the whole time. He was drunk already but super nice and friendly and could tell I didn't know a whole lot of what was going on so he made sure to explain everything to me. He said in the 15 years the Panthers have been a team he has only missed one home game! So he knew pretty much everything! So we were talking the whole time and he asked how we met which led to a conversation about mormons. He was hilarious. He asked if we were allowed to be at a game! HAHA And he asked if we were allowed to watch the cheerleaders and drink beer. So we got to clear some things up for him. Then later on he turned to us very serious and said, "I have a delicate question to ask." We laughed and Matt asked if it was about Mormons. The guys said it was more delicate than that. Then he turned to me and asked if I was expecting. HAHA lucky for him I was, he said "You see how that could have been very awkward if you weren't." HAHAHA So he was very excited for us and after that whenever the Panthers did something good he wouldn't just high-five me and Matt, but he would also pat my tummy as if giving the baby a high-five. It was funny! But the game was seriously GREAT! We were jumping and screaming half the time, I almost wet my pants a few times from jumping out of my seat unexpectedly :) Cam Newton is seriously amazing, and so is everyone else on the team!!! Every time the Panthers made a touchdown Cam Newton would go get the ball and give it to someone in the stands!!!! I have seen him do it a few times on tv during different games, but I guess he does it EVERY TIME! The first kid he gave it to was PRICELESS!!!! The kid's veins looked like they were going to pop out of his head he was sooooo excited and screaming and another kid (probably his little brother) was also screaming and hugging him and jumping all over him, it was perfect!! The other times were also great, but that was the best! Here are some pics of the stadium.
This picture is the big blow up thing that the team ran through. They introduced all the starters (I think) and it was really exciting to hear the crowd scream for their favorite! I thought everyone liked Cam Newton the best because he is always the one everyone talks about, but some of the other guys got lots of screams too, I found out it was because they have been on the team for years. It was fun!

This is the whole stadium from where we were sitting, it looks super far away, but it wasn't, they were perfect seats!

Me and Matt after the game.

After the game we went to Matt's grandma's house for a party which was fun then on Sunday we had our Christmas program then after church we actually had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! Our missionaries have had a goal since October or November to baptize in December, have a white Christmas. Instead of having one baptism, they got FOUR!!! It was GREAT!!! Here is a picture of everyone, first is Albert who was going to be baptized by Trey (the guy next to him) Then Anthony who baptized Michael then his little brother Donald and his mom Lois then Matt who baptized Donald and Lois. The two missionaries are on the outsides, Elder Eppoch and Elder Aldous. It was great, lots of people were able to stay even though it was Christmas. There was a small mishap, Michael is a bit tall and didn't bend his knees so he ended up hitting his head, which his sister LOVED, she couldn't stop laughing and said it made her day :) He was fine though.

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