I am getting more and more excited for March to come, I wish we could skip the next few months and just have the kid. I am getting big. I feel like my belly doubles in size every time I wake up :( and it really isn't that big yet. Owen has been kicking and moving lots, and he has started moving right behind my bellybutton and it is the weirdest feeling EVER. I hate it!! He is fine whenever he moves and kicks me in other places, but right there just feels so nasty! Another thing I don't like is how hard my belly is and having to wear pants. I hate the days when I have stuff to do out in public because I have to get dressed. Very annoying! I have not had any particular cravings, I really like macaroni, but I always have so I don't know if that counts. We learned that our babies eyes started opening this week :)
I have been working on crocheting crap FOREVER and finally finished this morning. It feels good to be able to make whatever I want for no particular reason. Matt's grandma asked me to make a hat for everyone in her family (that means a BILLION people) and I am the idiot who agreed. She paid us, which was the only thing keeping me going. But having to do all of those resulted in my family getting nothing from us for Christmas and making other not-as-cool things for Matt's family since everyone already had a crocheted hat and we are "exchanging gifts" at some point and you can't show up to exchange gifts if you don't have any to exchange.
Tomorrow is going to be great, we are going to watch the Panthers play the Buccaneers. I am very excited! The weather has been super nice, not hot, not cold and some rain, hopefully it wont rain tomorrow though. We will definitely get some pictures!
We are super excited to move!!! Even Matt is starting to get excited! He talked to his cousin who goes to BYUI and loves it and we have a friend who just moved to Washington and is talking about how great it is there and how much more people make and how the culture is different there so the men work while the wives take care of the kids. Here the wives also work! ALL OF THEM!!! Even the wives with young children will either put their kids in daycare to go to work or will open up a daycare in their house to work! So that made me happy for Matt to see that it is possible to live on one income. So Washington is now a place we will put on our list of places we might end up! I'm very excited!
I am also very excited about Christmas! It is gonna be a great day! We will get to open presents before church and eat breakfast and brunch :) then go to church and have four baptisms then come home and eat a small lunch while preparing a big delicious dinner and making lots and lots of sugar cookies. We are gonna eat and deliver cookies at some point also. It is gonna be great! We have a little Asian family in our ward, CUTEST KIDS EVER! and we are going to take them cookies so I'm excited about that.
There is a lady that I have visit taught since I moved here and she has been inactive forever, Matt never knew who she was and actually found out they are related! He has been her home teacher for almost as long as I have been her vt. But she is an adorable little old lady and she lives with her equally adorable mom and they both came to church last week! It was GREAT! They sat in the back so we didn't know until after sacrament and I stayed sitting in my same place and Matt got up to talk to someone and I saw her tap his shoulder and he turned around and almost screamed he was so excited to see her! Then I got up and went to talk to them, they couldn't stay for the rest of church, but it was AWESOME that they came!! Visiting teaching really does pay off :)

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