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The last day of school for Matt was Tuesday and mine was Wednesday. It feels SO GOOD to not have to worry about anything. Matt told me to brag about how he made all A's. Very impressive. He had two HORRIBLE teachers, one is so bad he is getting fired! I haven't gotten all my grades back yet, but I was only worried about two classes, religion, which I got an A in and Geology, which I got a B+! I was seriously expecting a C, it was tough! So I am very happy with my grades also!! And my teachers absolutely rock, and two of them are teaming up to give me a sort of independent study so I can just work with them for 2 credits instead of having to take another harder class. YAY!
Once school was out I was planning on relaxing, it didn't happen. I have been crocheting my life away and buying/making other presents for Matt, so I was busy. On Friday night we had our Ward Christmas party, it included dinner, desert and a talent show. There were so many people that we ran out of table and people were eating in the hallways and classrooms and standing along the walls. After we ate we went to the primary room for the talent show (we had to open up the chapel so everyone could fit.) There were lots of talents, singing and playing instruments. At the end Matt and a few of his friends played the drums and guitars, that was by far the best part.
On Saturday we had to go to Matt's niece's birthday party. Lots of crazy kids. After her party we went baby shopping :) We bought lots of clothes and decided that the nursery theme is going to be monsters, we didn't find anything, but did come up with some ideas of things we can do ourselves. It's gonna be super cute!
Saturday night was the adult Christmas party for church. It was SO MUCH FUN! I barely stopped laughing the whole time! And was scared I went my pants on several different occasions. So at the party we just ate and talked in the beginning then we started playing dirty santa :) We all brought gifts and stuck them in the middle and picked a gift and could trade if we wanted. Some were so funny we were dying laughing!! Some things were normal, like candles and soap and smelly stuff... one person brought the movie Despicable Me (it was the favorite.) Then the good gifts, and of course they were even funnier because of the people who opened them! One person brought a "Mormon Pampering Kit" inside they wrote things like "You are beautiful" and "You can do it" "You are important"... and it had some soaps and things, but it was our ex-branch pres who opened it, an older man and it was so HILARIOUS watching him read those notes!!! Someone brought some superman boxers (which is what we won), cat food, a giant mouse trap, funny embarrassing hats (the branch pres got one and wore it to church! It lit up and sang a song!) It was a great night! At the end I was talking to Matt about how fun it was and he said, "Ya, I really like the people here that's why I want to move close when we are done with school." CRAP. So I told him people ROCK in Livingston too, so to all you Living-stoners (haha) make sure we have a GREAT FUNNY FUN summer so he will want to stay there, or at the very least get him to realized that there are good people everywhere. It was fun. The one sucky thing that happened was our RS teacher called after the party and she was sick so I had to teach today, not much notice, and I had to cram in two lessons! We woke up completely exhausted, we didn't say a word to each other until we were on our way out the door. I did nap after church though :)
Here are some of the things I made this week, they are gifts Matt's granny bought from us to give to her family.

This last picture is our tree skirt!!! It is finally finished!!! It is too big for our little place, but someday we can have our tree not completely squished against the wall so the skirt can actually lay out flat, but we love it! and we totally copied this ladies ideas: http://www.etsy.com/shop/RedMarionette

Check out my other blog to see some of the other things I have made! http://kimskustomkreations.blogspot.com/

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