Bored Out of My Mind

I am very bored, but it's my own fault. I have been sitting here all day yesterday and all day so far today, only to get up and eat or use the bathroom. It's bitter sweet. I have been on facebook a million times, checked emails, studied for tests I will take tomorrow, and checked to see if anyone updated their blog a million times. Since I wish more people had (thanks aubrey) I figured maybe someone else is sitting on their couch thinking the same thing so why shouldn't I write something.
I have plenty of other things to do, laundry, study more, dishes, clean the house, crochet things I have to crochet before Christmas, finish making our tree skirt, fix the shirt Matt ripped today, fold up the play pen (it has been open since I took pictures of it last week and every time we want to go into the kitchen we have to move it), think of what to get Matt for Christmas and there are probably other things I don't remember but Matt will remember and ask why I didn't do any of them. He is good at remember and doing what needs to be done. I think the main reason I am not doing anything is because I know he has a lot of time tomorrow and will do it all. :)
I really have nothing to write, sitting at home is not very interesting, I can tell you that Buddy from Cake Boss had another baby a few episodes ago and the old man Sal who works with him died in the last episode. Sad.
Matt's last day was today. Super exciting for him, he now has his Associates Degree and next semester will start taking a few online classes from BYUI to start on his BS. I think I am more excited about it than him. So he has been gone today since 7:30 and is at work until sometime after 5.
At 6 I get to go visiting teaching, which is always great. We are going to see my friend Cindy. She is hilarious. She has 3 kids, one teenage daughter and two younger elementary age kids. They are the CRAZIEST kids in the world, and she just laughs at them. The little boy is always the one everyone is staring at and laughing at during the primary programs, he just makes faces and screams instead of sings. He is hilarious.
On Sunday we had 150 people! AMAZING! We are trying to get our building extended and we have to meet certain quotas during different months of the year and this is the last month, the one that will determine if we continue having classes in the bishops office, hallway, and even different corners of our cultural hall or if they add on and give us some more space. I think we are going to get enough people!
Tomorrow is my last day and I can't wait. Only two more tests and I am done until January 17th! CRAZY! One of my tests is Geology, and I hate it. Good class, great teacher, HORRIBLE tests. It's one of those classes that you study like crazy for and find out everything you studied wasn't on the test and the crap you thought wouldn't matter (and shouldn't) was what all the questions are about. Very annoying. My highest test grade so far was an 84. Not good, I am now hoping to get only a B, but think a C is more reasonable.
The baby is doing good. I have not craved sweets the whole time, which is amazing because usually they are my favorite food. My next appointment is when they do the gestational diabetes test and all of the sudden I really want sugar. It might be that I have watched Cake Boss pretty much non-stop since yesterday. Not good. I guess the good thing about Christmas parties are the sweets. We have one this Friday and Saturday, I can hold out until then.
So yesterday before Matt left for his work stuff he was watching a football game, cowboys vs. ny. It got good at the end. He left before he saw that part. I was watching it and someone called so I muted it and saw the cowboys make a fieldgoal, which I thought yay for them now it's tied and they will go into overtime(Matt hates them so I have to also, but I think it's exciting whenever anyone goes into overtime). Next thing I know they took the 3 points away and NY won. I was confused and paused it and finished my phone conversation then went back to the computer, by now it had turned off and I had to turn it back on and the stupid thing wouldn't let me press play. SO ANNOYING! and I have LESS THAN ZERO patience lately and was about ready to throw the computer, I think I did hit it. Eventually I figured it out and found out they lost because the NY coach called a timeout right before the guy kicked it so his kick didn't count and someone got their hand on his second kick so it didn't go in. CRAZY! I felt bad for them.
We have been planning on going to see the Panther's play on Christmas Eve since I can remember, and I actually enjoy watching the games now and was seriously looking forward to it, but there is a possibility we wont be able to go. BLAST. I am hoping our financial aid for next semester comes in super early and we can go!
Our fish are doing great, we still haven't figured out a way to get them to Idaho when we leave. But we will try.
Yesterday I spent hours (literally) naming off baby names. I even dreamed about them and woke up multiple times wishing I had a pen so I could write down the names so I wouldn't forget them. Then I woke up this morning totally excited I hadn't forgotten any, but seriously bummed that they didn't sound nearly as good as they did while I was half asleep. We have decided on Owen, but are still searching for a good middle name. I vote Wilson or Shmowen. I don't know why he doesn't agree. We have awhile to figure it out though.
Thanks for listening to my random babblings, I hope it helped pass your time like it did for me! Now I get to cook dinner, listen to Cake Boss in the background, and text Steph while she is pooping. :)

Ashley  – (December 13, 2011)  

check my blog, ya turd! i've updated it a lot, i just don't post anything about it on facebook anymore.

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (December 13, 2011)  

Haha I love your middle name suggestions! I love your ramblings :o) I will always read them! I absolutely LOVE the name Owen, but one of my friends named her little boy Owen, and like a week later we found out we were pregnant with Nathan. So, now that we have a Nathan, an Owen might just sound too similar (they have to be good "yelling names", as my mom and her friend always say!)

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