Our first purchases

These first two are sort of the first things we bought, Matt bought them during the summer to give to one of his friends who had just had a baby boy. Then before he could give it to him he found out I was pregnant and kept them hoping we would have a boy. Haha. So he is now very excited that these two outfits were not a waste :)

This is the play pen thing we got. It is super nice!

This is the adorable outfit Matt picked out. Notice the cute feet part!!!

This is the one I picked. Very pretty :) I just realized now thought that it will probably be too little for kid by the time it is warm enough to wear it. Oh well.

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (December 09, 2011)  

So, so cute!! I really wanted Nathan to be a girl. The ultrasound tech kept saying, "well, I'm looking at this little turtle-looking thing between his legs..." and I said, "is it a...boy?" I was disappointed at first, but immediately I felt like he was going to be an amazing contribution to our family. And he is already! Woo hoo! Anyway, I think girls come and steal daddies' hearts and boys come and steal mommies' hearts :o) It's just so much fun to know, isn't it!? :o)

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