its a boy

Yep we finally found out, and are super excited. Even me :) I think I finally dealt with the fact that it might be a boy and I was just gonna have to get over it and speak up if needed. So far not needed, but I have also not talked to the people who might push me over the edge.

We went to the Doc. yesterday, every other time we have gone they get me in and out so fast that sometimes I was only there ten mins! This time it took FOREVER!!!! But really we only waited in the waiting room about ten minutes. The ultrasound lady came and got me, I was told to drink caffeine to get the baby moving lots so hopefully we could see something this time, so right away I asked to use the bathroom and right away she said no. BLAST! But she was right, she put the thing on my belly and literally the first thing we saw on the screen was a teeny weeny :) She immediately said, "Well its a boy!" then kind of freaked out a little and said, "You guys wanted to know right?" HA. We did and were very excited, Matt didn't show any emotion at all, but I later realized he was worried about how I was gonna take it so when he saw that I was happy and excited he got super happy and excited! The lady was taking other measurements and crap and all I could think about was the bathroom. Luckily another Dr. came in and said she needed our ultrasound lady asap and asked if we were okay ending quickly, we saw what we needed and I was so glad to get up! Then I went to the bathroom and luckily noticed before I sat down that they were out of toilet paper. I went out and saw everyone running around a little frantically and saw some people who were crying :( and felt awkward asking for some and when I did it seemed no one knew what I was talking about. Until finally a lady said I will get you some. She was greatly appreciated. I hope the crying people were all right :( Then we saw the actual Dr. and were so excited that we forgot to ask the questions we had come with, which I am now regretting and wish we would have remembered. By the time we left they had already turned off the computers! So they had to boot them back up and make a next appointment for us and somehow between then and the walk to the car we lost on of our ultrasound pictures :( It freaks me out. It has my name on it and picture of our babies weeny, do people use that as kiddie-porn? I hope it rains and gets all messed up! We then went to eat which consisted of me talking non-stop (to myself because they had sports on the tv) and trying to get Matt's attention. The only thing that worked was asking about football, which brought on a conversation with the guy at the table next to us who heard us mention Cam Newton (BEST QB EVER!!!!) And then that turned into me being ignored again. BLAST. So then we went and bought some things :) We found a little play-pen thing that was brand new, but opened so we got it for $64 and two outfits. While searching through the baby clothes I realized how much I am going to hate having to touch the baby. For those of you who don't know, I have a hand problem. It's weird. I CAN'T STAND touching soft things (animals included so if I don't pet your animal don't be offended). If you think of when people scratch chalk boards and it hurts your ears so much that it hurts your brain, that is how it is with soft things for me, it hurts my brain. And I realized that 99.9% of baby clothes are soft. CRAP. So either I can invest in some gloves to wear ALL THE TIME, or I can do as my mom suggested, put on my facebook that I can't touch most baby clothes so don't buy me any. (Which would also solve my problem of not wanting people to buy us stuff, one of the reasons I was okay with having to wait so long to find out what it is, it makes the collecting of baby crap have to wait to.) But when I mentioned the idea to Matt it was quickly shot down. Another BLAST! So we bought two outfits, Matt picked out the football one, which I can't touch, and I picked out the other one. I am not a fan of the huge dinosaur, but I can touch it and I like the colors. We are excited! I am now going to post this and then set up the play pen to take a picture and take pictures of the clothes, I should take one of my belly, but I am home alone and that is too complicated and I would have to get dressed. Which I don't plan on doing until possibly tonight, if I get my homework done, which at this rate doesn't look like it is going to happen. So enjoy the post and check for the pictures later!

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