New Class :)

My religion teacher did it!  He talked with whoever he needed to talk to and he found me a class that I could take instead of the required one! And the class is online, so that means I only have to go to school 3 days a week and on one of those days I only have one class so I will be home by the time Matt has to leave for work so we will only need a baby sitter two times a week.  Perfect.  

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (January 19, 2012)  

YAY!!!! Woo hoo!!! You are awesome! I love having great connections like that! I think we've earned them by the time we've worked our way up to the top of the food chain! :o)

PS--I'm totally mourning the fact that I can't be there to snuggle your baby when you need a sitter! No fair!

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