First Day

Only read this if you want to hear me complain.
So here I am in my last semester FINALLY and with a sucky schedule. My school is up in the mountains, a 45 minute drive and can be bad if the weather is bad, which happens up where the campus is. So I usually ride with my teacher, I have been able to build my schedule around his pretty well and ride up with him in his 4 wheel drive big car and he doesn't let me help out with gas! So this semester I only need 13 more credits from certain classes. I have to go to school all 5 days :( and my schedule only fit with my teachers on 2 of the days :(. Crap. What messed it up the most is my SUCKY RELIGION. I HATE MINORING IN RELIGION. Since I transferred from BYUI and had so many religion classes that ended up being the minor that would get me out the quickest. So I have only one class left. It is called Senior Seminar: The Emerging Church and Evangelicalism. This class is REQUIRED by EVERY SINGLE RELIGION MAJOR AND MINOR. So to make life easy for everyone what does this absolutely HORRIBLE STUPID SUCKY school do? Only offer ONE CLASS for the whole semester and what time is it at? 5:00-6:15 PM. I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course I can't ride with my teacher and have to go up the sucky horrible roads by myself in my non 4 wheel drive car at night and then after class is over I have to drive back down the roads, when it is pitch black dark outside and freezing. So I knew this was going to happen since I signed up for the class and pretty much accepted it and was done being annoyed. until today. Of course this stupid sucky school has the best parking in the world right? WRONG!!!!! It take 15 mins for me to walk from where I have to park my car to where my class is, not that bad on a normal day during the day. And of course this place is in the mountains, so it is not a flat campus. The parking area is up on a hill and then you have to walk down the hill and cross a busy street to get to most of the buildings on the other side which are also up a hill. Like ever place, there is a certain time where the parking permits don't matter, for this school it is at 5:00 pm, the same time as my class.  I called the traffic and parking place to ask that time and to ask if it would be okay if i parked without a permit at 455 so i could get to my class on time.  The guy said I wouldn't get a ticket if I parked in a student parking place, but if I parked in a staff/professor parking place I would get a ticket.  So I went to the parking map to find where the closest student lot is, and of course it is the one I have a permit for that is 15 mins away.  GRRRRRR!!!! I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!! My class is in a building and is located on the second floor, coming from where I do that is perfect because I am already on the back side of the building where the second floor is level with the ground. So I get to class and it is literally A THOUSAND DEGREES inside this building, which is normal, every class I have had in the religion building has been ridiculously hot, and everyone in my previous classes has agreed and the windows are opened and stay opened throughout class time. So I get into my class and open the windows. As more people start spilling in, the windows get shut!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!??????  I am literally sweating buckets during the whole class trying to pay attention. Class starts. Remember what it was called? Neither do I because I could barely pronounce the words let alone know what they mean. And apparently I am the only one. Has anyone heard of the Emerging Church? Because I never have but everyone else in my class has and knew enough that they could very easily hold a discussion about it. Annoying.  The teacher starts out with the syllabus. How many books do we have to buy for the class? 2? 3? Try NINE!!!!! WHAT???!!!!!! And then he has everyone introduce themselves and say why they are taking the class (I am definitely only taking it because I have to, but you can't really say that so I go with the ever clever response of "to learn.") What does everyone else say? THEY ARE INTERESTED IN THE CLASS AND HAVE ALREADY READ HALF OF THE BOOKS AND MOST OF THE OTHER ONES ARE ON THEIR "TO READ" LIST!!!!! WHAT????!!!!! Seriously. Who are these people!!???? To be fair, I was interested the whole time, sounds like a good subject if I get past the fact that I had no idea what was being said most of the time. And maybe they are only interested because they don't have the truth and are honestly searching for it, if so, that's sad. So class goes on blah blah blah. After class. I walk out, getting excited to feel cold air again, it was raining by this point. I go to the door. locked. Crap. Turn around see some kids from my class and ask if they know where another door from the second floor is. Their response? There isn't one. Ya. Because all smart people put only one door to get outside and then lock it too early so no one can get out. Did I mention that I HATE THIS SCHOOOL!!!!! So I had to walk DOWN THE STAIRS, out the door and BACK UP THE FREAKING STAIRS OUTSIDE to start walking to my car, and it is pouring outside. Now to all you Livingstoners, (hehe) rain here is not rain there. Imagine your shoes instantly being SOAKED because sidewalks are made of puddles. There is no high ground, no place to step that wont guarantee water getting into your shoes. So I am very annoyed at this point and walking back toward my car. So it is pouring and it is pitch black by now because it is so late. To get to the other side of the busy road where my car is parked we can't just walk across the street, they have a tunnel going under the street, which is nice on normal days and during the day because we don't have to wait for lights or fight with cars for right-of-way or any of that. But it is now pouring and pitch black. That tunnel? FILLED WITH WATER AND PITCH BLACK! Brilliant. How many emails get sent out from the campus police each semester about rapes? at least one, and that is not including the people being mugged or shot (yes someone was shot once!) So being the STUPID HORRIBLE school that this place is, do they put lights in the tunnel? NO!!!! WHY???? Because only STUPID HORRIBLE people work there. I HATE THIS SCHOOOL!!!! So what do I do? Build a bomb and blow it up. I wish. I am going to email my teacher and beg him to let me somehow do the class online or something. So to sum up my first day:
 Name of class: Something that is so long, confusing, and hard to pronounce that I can't remember.
 People in my class: All insane.
 Number of books I have to buy for this one class: 9.
 Weather: rain. lots of rain.
 Class time: might as well be midnight.
 Obstacles to get back to my car in the pouring rain: locked doors, black tunnels, puddles and more puddles, and hills .
 The good news is tomorrow I get to ride with my teacher.

Brian and Kayla  – (January 17, 2012)  

Wow that sounds even worse then the BYU-Idaho campus. At least BYUI must have prepared you for the hills and puddles. Can't say the same for the violence and lack of light though. Hope you are well despite your class. Just think, it is your last semester!!!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (January 17, 2012)  

ugh!!! And I thought BYUI was bad! I'm really sorry! Oh, you'll appreciate your degree SOOO much more after doing all this!! Get through this one (as awful as it may be...not discrediting that at ALL!) and you'll be done with school FOREVER!! (Or at least until you get bored and want to go back or something!) Then you'll be up here and we can party!

Jamie  – (February 08, 2012)  

So what class are u taking online? I bet that evangelicalism is wild! I read at fun book about it called Stealing Jesus. Hey, I am glad ur almost done...hang in there! xo

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