This past week was so wonderful that it makes me dread the coming week and the start of school. I woke up this morning counting down the days to spring break and school hasn't even started yet. Sad. This coming week I have something to do everyday. I would rather have nothing to do everyday. It's nice not having to shower and get dressed. And of course school starts the week after. Oh well, the sooner it starts the sooner it ends and I am done FOR GOOD!! I can't wait! So I literally sat on the couch all day everyday until Friday and I loved it. I should have done other things, but I am going to relax as much as I can while I can. Matt started his online classes from BYUI on Wednesday so I have been helping him with his homework, it makes me feel better that I did something productive.
So while I sit on the couch I watch tv and crochet. This week I tried some new things, we bought some $3 thread, the kind you make friendship bracelets with and I attempted to make little tiny animals. They turned out great!! SUPER ADORABLE! I got the idea from pinterest where I saw some tiny turtles and I went to the etsy shop and they make the littlest things!!! CRAZY!! But I attempted to copy what they did and I did pretty good, each little animal took about 2 hours each and they are pretty complicated. The lady sells the sizes I made for $20ish, which seems like A LOT but considering the time and how complicated they are because they are so small they are totally worth it. Her shop is here, check it out because she has some things that are literally the size of a crumb! IT'S INSANE!!! But they were definitely fun to make and I will probably make more just for fun, I don't think I could ever sell them for what they are worth, so it probably isn't a good idea to make them, unless I give them as presents. But if you want to buy one let me know! And I can try to do other animals too. I also made a ring, which I like even if it's "gay" as my sister thinks haha. But here are the pics. Sorry about the horrible glare, I don't know how to take a picture without flash that isn't super fuzzy from shaky hands. Annoying. So either the picture is fuzzy or it is super annoyingly bright, which is how these are.

This is my pretty ring :) I made it pink/purple because the next big holiday is Valentines day. It is kind of like a doily. I like it lots. It might be my wedding ring when my fingers get too fat for my real one :)

This is all three of the little animals I made sitting in my hand so you can see how tiny they are.

Here is the turtle I made for my mom, she is gonna use it as a key chain. Good idea. And in the back there is a cute little flower, which took probably an additional ten billion hours. I learned I will never add a flower again haha.

This is a yellow and pink elephant, which Steph asked for. She wanted an elephant but I didn't have grey so she said yellow body and pink everything else, so that's what I did.

Here is a giraffe! It is super cute, and has a cute little tail in the back :)

On Tuesday I got a phone call from a girl who works with Matt. She is also pregnant and found out what her baby was on Friday. She had been planning on going to the dr. and having them not tell her the gender but instead writing it down and taking it to her bakery to have them make either a pink or blue cake which she would cut open with some family and friends later that night. Well on Tuesday her baker called and told her they wouldn't be able to do it, and every other place she called was too busy. So Matt told her I could do it. Keep in mind the last cake I made was for his birthday in October that was oozing yellow stuff so I wouldn't let him eat it. But he still volunteered me and I told her I would do it if I could use cake mixes and already made frosting. She said she didn't care what I did or what it tasted like as long as I could make it blue or pink. :) That I could do. So she bought me all the stuff and came over Friday around 10 with the envelope and I got started right away. It took ALL DAY!! It was fun though and it worked out GREAT! I got the idea from pinterest of course :) and I tried to do a little foot, but the only parts that showed up was the foot part and the big toe, but it still looked pretty good. I finished a little before 5 and her party started at 6 so I cleaned up a bit and I don't think my back has ever hurt so bad in my whole life! I ended up pulling a chair up to the sink so I could sit down while doing the dishes. I didn't even want to go to her party because it was hurting so bad! (Matt was at work from 2-6 so I didn't get much help from him.) But we went and they are having a boy :) YAY for boys! I also made a normal sheet cake (in case the other one didn't work out and so there would be enough for everyone to eat some cake) and I love how the frosting turned out on that one! I put pink on one side and blue on the other and took a knife and ran it through both a bunch of times so they kind of mixed, it was awesome. It was fun to make the cake, but I probably wont do it again until I'm not pregnant. And here are pics of the beautiful cakes.

Brian and Kayla  – (January 08, 2012)  

That cake is AMAZING! Kim you are SO talented. Do you have an etsy shop or something? You should sell this stuff. You are going to be one of those crazy good cake people that do wedding cakes. Seriously you are going to be able to make some good money on the side if you are a stay at home mom. We need to catch up. Call me! Oh and I love all the other cute things you make. You have some fabulous artistic abilities!

Kristine  – (February 05, 2012)  

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it too!! Good job friend you always amaze me. What a great mom you will be!

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