Baby Shower

On Saturday we had our baby shower and it was insane! There were 75 people there! I knew probably less than half of them so that was a bit awkward but it was okay.  There was lots of food and lots of places to sit so I ate and sat by people I knew.  We played two games but that didn't go so well since there were so many people and it was pretty much impossible to hear what anyone was saying.  I didn't take any pictures when people got there, but I did get some of the decorations and food before the crowd.  

This is the cake Matt and I made.  Matt made the 3 little monsters and he did a great job!  

These cupcakes were made by Matt's brother's girlfriend, Courtney.  Super cute! 

DIAPER CAKE! Made by Matt's aunt.

We decided to hang up some of the cute clothes we had already gotten. 

We did this in two places, all the stuff on the floor was moved by the time the party started.  I really liked the  hanging idea! Thank you Pinterest!  These next pictures are the table decorations, The Little Monsters comic books were given to us by Matt's parents.  The monster face picture things were made by me and Matt and everything else was made by Courtney.    

Hot hub. 

This is Vallarie, Matt's niece, and his cousin Dallin.  The good thing about being a kid is you get to eat before anyone else even shows up.   

Courtney made these sandwiches too.  They were super cool! Very creative!  And the last few are pictures of all the presents we got.  A BILLION, LITERALLY.  They completely covered out living room floor, couch, table, and parts of our kitchen floor and bed.  It was insane!  I didn't take a picture of all of them before I started opening so the pictures really don't give it justice.  

Here is our missionary :) They showed up right as we pulled up with two cars full of gifts and they helped unload and then went with Matt to get dinner and then helped us reopen and clean up a bit.  They rock.  

See the random elf?  Yes.  That was a gift.  To be fair it was filled with those little tiny balls so it is fun to squeeze.  But still really weird.  Notice the ribbon around it's neck?  We took it off and there was a stain.  Haha.  Can you say Goodwill?

Here is a picture of all the stuff we had already opened.  There was a lot!  

So the plan was to take all the stuff to Matt's parent's house and leave it there until we had the kid.  But we literally opened presents for almost 2 hours and were rushing (both opening a different gift at the same time) to get through them all before we had to leave.  So of course I talked Matt into letting us bring them home and go through them all and what we wouldn't need while we were here we would take to store at his parent's house. We went through it all, we were still cleaning up after church today!  But we got it organized and found a place for everything we need and the rest is gone.  The really good thing about this is Matt FINALLY realized how much CRAP we have for no reason that just takes up space and he went on a massive cleaning spree today and threw out SO MANY THINGS!! It was great!  Under our bed was completely filled, and now we can see from one side to the other :)  We cleaned out totes full of his crap and made room for other things and actually did some packing for when we leave.  Tomorrow we are planning on going through our laundry room which is so full we can't even open the door all the way.  I love it.  They say one of the ways you know you are going into labor soon is you get in the "nesting" mood.  It hasn't happened to me but it happened to Matt today!  

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (February 26, 2012)  

cute!! I love this post! I had the same type of baby shower in Kansas when I went home the summer I was pregnant. SOOO many gifts! We had flown, so we took home what we could and left the rest for my mom to fly back with when Nathan was born. (The $35 extra baggage fee was much less than what it would've cost to ship it allll!) Isn't it so fun to get all the cutesy boy stuff!? It's like, "hey wait! Boys CAN be cute!" Oh, I just can't wait until you're out here!

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