I just learned by reading another blog that today is the first day of spring.  It is a good day.  At this very minute I am sitting on our porch listening to massive amounts of thunder and watching the rain POUR.  This is the one thing I will miss about North Carolina, and one of the things I miss about Brazil (there are lots of other things about Brazil that I miss too.)  

Yesterday was the end of spring break.  And still no baby.  So sad.  I was hoping to have him during the break so I wouldn't have to worry about going into labor while at school.  The reasons that is so bad is because 1. either I ride with a teacher and he has to leave school to take me to the hospital and cancel his classes, or I drive myself and have to walk 15 minutes to my car up a hill while in labor to then drive myself to the hospital and 2. my school is 45 minutes west of my house and the hospital is 30 minutes east, so that means if I do go into labor at school I have an hour and 15 minutes of driving.  Not good.  
On a happy note, I only go to school for 3 days out of the week and on one of those days I only have one class, so if I need to skip that day it isn't too bad.  Also I have 3 teachers, one I ride up with, one is a girl, the other is my advisor.  So the one I ride up with is great, I have talked about him before and he is totally okay with me missing school when we have the baby and he is fine filming his class for me so I don't miss anything so I can graduate.  Yesterday I talked to the girl about possibly missing classes depending on when I have the baby and she told me not to worry about a thing, to just send her an email and let her know and if I need to miss all the classes that's fine as long as I keep up with the homework :)  Oh happy day!  So now I just need to talk to my advisor, he will be the more strict one, but I'm hopeful.  
Life is good.  Matt finishes his online classes in 2 weeks.  That is so great!  I can't wait for him to not have to stress over school.  He is one of those people who seriously has to work for his grades, he will spend 3 or 4 hours on something that would take me probably less than an hour.  Poor guy.  He has been working really hard lately to get ahead so he wont have as much to worry about with the baby comes.  It will be nice to watch him play Crash on the Wii again.  
Last week I did a whole lot of nothing for spring break, except walk and walk and walk and have no success.  Blast.  But it was very nice!  We also got rid of one of our cars.  We had been planning on getting rid of it before we moved and the timing was perfect.  Some people at church were thinking of buying it but they said we would get more for it if we sold it to the junker.  That's what we did and we got $100 more than we were expecting.  But that wasn't all, we just so happened to enter the store at the right time and won $100 for being the right people at the right time.  Talk about exciting!  We paid bills.  Haha.  It was a good day.  
Saturday was sucky, sort of.  I was sick all Friday night and threw up Saturday so Matt stayed home and we watched game after game of March Madness ( I slept through half of them) and that was fun, I am now a hardcore Tarheel fan.  And I am so sad they have 2 injured players!  They could have won, but now I have my doubts.  Matt agreed to go with me to see Hunger Games this Friday if we haven't had the baby and then he found out Tarheels play that night :(  So I will have to wait at least an extra day and I don't know if I can haha.    
The rain has stopped and the sun is starting to come out :(  I hate the sun.  So it is time to go back inside and do some homework.  

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