I am soooo super excited that any motivation I had ten minutes ago to do homework is now gone and most people I call are possibly still asleep or just waking up, so I will blog.  Last night Matt stayed up until the wee hours of the morning watching all 4 march madness games, I fell asleep half way through game number 2 and it was around 11 already so we ended up sleeping in and it was super nice, except for the part where the baby gets so hungry he kicks and kicks until I get up and eat.  So I got up and while I was eating I looked up to see when Hunger Games plays here and it plays at NOON!!!! HOLY CRAPPER!!! So we are going in exactly 2 hours and 6 minutes.  I. CAN'T. WAIT.  So now I have plans of getting up and taking a shower, which will take a whole 15 minutes.  I even ate some apple pie to try to pass the time, but it was so good that it took maybe a minute to devour.  Bummer.  Now what?  Definitely not homework.  I would probably get an F for everything since I totally can't concentrate.  Luckily I can update everyone on what happened yesterday at the Dr.

It was a beautiful day, cloudy with a chance of  meatballs.  (Not really on the meatball part.)  But seriously it was cloudy and I love clouds that cover the sun.  We got up and I have a spot right under my belly that hurts like crazy when I walk so I decided not to go to my one class that I had so I stayed home and did some homework and Matt went to mow his parent's lawn.  When he got back we went on a walk and it started sprinkling :)  It was great.  It is actually quite hot here, when we go on walks I have to wear shorts, sandals and a t shirt or else I am dripping in sweat by the time we get home.  And sometimes I still am despite the lack of clothes.  But this time it wasn't so bad because of the rain and clouds :)  Then I had to run Matt to work and jump in the shower to go the Dr.

I just decided it would be fun to try to write a whole bunch of paragraphs leading up the Dr.  and finishing them all with the word Dr. since I have done that in the previous paragraphs, and never actually get to what happened at the Dr.  But since I can't remember what I listened to on the way to the Dr. or how bad traffic was or how many stop lights I had to stop at I guess that would make for a really boring and short blog.  But Like I said, I took a shower then took of for the Dr.

I am good :)  Anywho.  I got there and had my appointment.  It was massively disappointing, just like the last 4 or 5 appointments have been.  I am STILL only 3 cm.  But I did progress to 90%  effaced, but that's not enough in my opinion.  So the Dr. I saw is a hard core Tarheel fan and usually Matt is with me when I see her and our appointments consist of talking for twenty minutes about the Tarheels and talking for 3 about the pregnancy haha.  So it actually wasn't any different this time.  And last week we saw her and the Tarheels were going to play on Sunday and she was on call so she said she would probably miss it and Matt told her that if I went into labor he would let her watch it in our room haha.  She was also hoping something would happen last week.  Well yesterday I found out that again she is the Dr.  who is on call this whole weekend, so she probably missed the game yesterday (she told me she had 2 ladies at the hospital already that they were expecting to deliver at the time the game was going on) and she will probably miss the game tomorrow.  So I let her know that we would do our best to go into labor this weekend so she could watch the game with us.  Will it happen? I have my doubts.  But I did ask her how big the baby was, she said it is really hard to tell in a tall girl because we can hide the baby a lot better than shorter girls but she guessed he is around 8 lbs.  She said he doesn't seem big or small, about average.  That sounds good to me :) She also said that if he isn't here by my next appointment, Thursday, then we will talk about inducing in the 41st week.  The first day would be April Fools day :)  That would be a cool birthday to have!  But then April 2nd is our anniversary.  Not a cool birthday to have haha.  We will see. I am still hoping for this week, it would be nice to have the week off of school.  So that's what happened at the Dr.

I have now wasted 18 minutes :)  And Matt has cleaned the kitchen :)  I am super excited.  Yesterday after Matt got home from work we went out to eat with his fam for his brother's girlfriend's birthday.  It was delicious, Mexican.  But that is why we were so behind on watching the basketball games, we miss the beginnings because we were out eating.  But when we got home the Tarheel game was on, it was half time and that was one stressful game!  I was already super tired and Matt wouldn't stop yelling (I mean SCREAMING) at the players and the refs.  It was very annoying.  But I guess they sort of deserved it.  They weren't playing too good and they were pretty much neck and neck the whole game! It ended up going into overtime, which I was so glad for because the other team seemed to just give up after that.  So no more stress.  We won :) But without Kendall Marshall I have some serious doubts about them winning on Sunday.  But we will see.  I think they can win without him, but it didn't seem like they thought they could.  I was thinking maybe Alonzo Ant. should fly down there and paint his skin black and pretend to be him and play in the game so they can believe in themselves (I think Alonzo looks just like Kendall Marshall except that he isn't black.)  I wish I had pictures to put up.  I do have some cute things I have made for our baby,  but the camera is in the car so basically no pictures until we have the baby and the camera comes out of the car.  But I will take lots of pics of him for everyone :)  Or if anyone wants to donate to the "fly my cousin Alaina out to take baby pics for us" fund that would be much appreciated and the pics would be way cuter than what I could take.

I guess I will go shower and maybe my hair will dry by the time we leave.  I wish everyone a wonderful day. and "May the odds be ever in your favor."  HAHAHAH I wish steph had read the books because she would immediately text "Gay" to me after reading that quote HAHAHAH at least I can laugh at the thought of it, even though it wont happen.  (I think "at least" should be one word.)

Ashley  – (March 26, 2012)  

LOL! I made Zo read your blog post and he was laughing and then asked,"You really think I look like Kendall Marshall?" We then googled it for like 5 minutes and now he agrees! you are too funny, Kimberly! :)

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