Still no baby.  Still 24 hours in the day.  Still bored out of my mind and wishing next week would come.  I have pretty much given up on him coming on his own.  I think I will have to be induced. Bummer.  So to help pass the time and stop thinking about what I could do to get him to come out I will blog. Again. Not much has happened since the last time, except that we saw the Hunger Games and loved it.  It rocked.  Books were better, but that is a given.  Also the Tarheels are officially out of the tournament.  They should still be in and I blame everyone but them :)  That is all.  But I figured I could write about the pregnancy and how great Matt has been.

I have had literally the best pregnancy (up until now when he wont come out.)  You can think of all the horrible bad sucky things that girls go through when they are pregnant and I didn't have to experience any of them.  Except back pain, but it probably isn't as bad as it is for others.  The food cravings were pretty much non-existant, except there was a time when I really liked soup, any kind of soup, from the simple Ramen noodles to delicious potato soup.  But I didn't really crave it, I just seriously loved it.  I also barely ever got sick.  I did smell things, Matt pretty much stunk for 9 months straight.  I never retained water, got super fat, or got swollen ankles.  Owen has been very good and when the weeks came where I am supposed to count his kicks to make sure he is still alive he kicked so much I never had to count because he didn't seem to stop.  He still does that.  There was one day we had a massive scare where he went until 10:00 without moving.  Freaked me out, but we went to the Dr. and he was fine, he just felt like scaring the crap out of us.

Matt has been super good.  He works with a girl who is also pregnant, so literally he is around pregnant people all day.  The girl he works with is about 10 weeks behind me and she has had a much more complicated pregnancy, more painful, more complaining.  They both work early in the morning and she makes her hubby get up and get her breakfast and take it to her at work.  Pretty ridiculous and funny.  The time he spends with her makes him grateful for me :)  But recently he has been super nice (he has always been nice it is just double nice now), he does everything, literally.  I don't really have the option of going into the "nesting mood" because Matt keeps everything spotless.  He just cleans and cleans.  Before I got pregnant we were really good at sharing and splitting the work and even in the beginning when I wasn't in pain and super huge we both did the housework.  Recently, since my back has been hurting, he just started doing everything.  It is quite nice :)  He also sits by me on the couch.  He never did that before, I have no idea why, but he liked the chair and wouldn't sit by me.  Now he will and I like it.  And he goes on walks with me.  He complains every time and tries to come up with an excuse not to go, but he ends up going :)  Being tall he has super long legs so he just naturally walks fast and I used to walk fast now I just waddle fast.  Not really, I waddle slow haha.  So he has to walk slow and it is pretty annoying for him.  I remember the days of having short roommates and walking to school with them and them complaining that I walk too fast and me complaining that they walk too slow and then them sneezing in my armpit. (I wont mention names haha)  So basically having to walk slower than you want is annoying and he is dealing with it pretty well.  He has been good to me :)  Now if only the baby will come out so I can walk fast again.

Ashley  – (March 26, 2012)  

those silly short roommates who walked with you to school and sneezed in your armpit...sounds like a weird girl. ;)

Brian and Kayla  – (March 27, 2012)  

Hey great pregnancies mean you should have a bunch of kids! I remember jogging with you at BYU-Idaho. Now I'm wondering if I slowed you down without realizing it :). But I'm not too worried because I'm sort of tall too. The last few weeks of being pregnant are so hard.

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