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We went to the Doc yesterday and found out that after a whole week of WALKING PRACTICALLY NON STOP I was STILL only 3 cm and 90% effaced!  NO CHANGE AT ALL!!! INSANE!! I even got my membrane scrapped and still nothing!! So they are going to induce on Sunday.  We go in bright and early at 6 and get started.  I am super excited!  Yesterday I wasn't, I was mad I still had to wait four more days, but I figure now I only actually have 2 whole days of waiting then the next day we will have a baby :) And luckily tomorrow will be super busy because of a birthday party and conference.  Today isn't going to go as nicely.  Matt had to be at work at 6 so I woke up when he woke up and I didn't fall back asleep until 7:30 then woke up about an hour after that.  Sucky.  I do have some homework that I will hopefully do.  Matt gets off at 11 and has to go to his parents house so I will be bored by myself even longer.  Then nothing goes on until 5 when I have to meet with the Bishop and a lady from our ward who needs welfare of some sort.  Then we have a funeral to go to after that.  Matt's old Band teacher from high school found out he had cancer again and they were going to have to cut out his tongue.  So he killed himself.  Super sad!  Matt has been way sad about it since he heard, he was his favorite teacher.  I am glad we will be able to go to the funeral.

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (March 30, 2012)  

Yay baby time!!! I'm so excited for you!! Let us know how it goes! How crazy that your hospital does inductions on the weekend...I've never heard of that! Very cool though :o)

Now you can plan out everything, email teachers, etc. How convenient!

I'm so sorry about Matt's teacher! That is so, so sad! But you're great at looking at the positive; what a great blessing going to the funeral will be!

Good luck with everything, girlie!! We love you and will be sending prayers and "healthy baby/short labor vibes" your way! I always tell people, if for some reason you have to have a c-section (I'm sure you won't, and I don't want to worry you), it is always worth it to get that baby here safely. It's amazing how you forget yourself during labor and are willing to do ANYTHING for that baby, even before you've met him!

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