Here I am again.  I have done all the homework I can actually do at the moment and the house has been completely cleaned.  I just now realized while writing that is is almost 9 and I have not eaten dinner, and the Dr. told me to eat lots tonight and just a little in the morning.  Better get on that.  But I am sooooo unbelievably excited!!!  Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous.  After waiting 6 extra days I am sooooo past ready that I don't think I have any room to be nervous.  Which is probably good.  Matt is a bit freaked out, but also very excited.  We had a great last day alone together.  We got up and went to the Flea Market!  So much fun!  We usually don't get much, it is more for looking, but today we literally hit the jack pot and spent a lot!  We found all ten seasons of friends for $50.00 and after showing interest but complaining about the price they let us have them all for $40.00! HOLY MOLY!  I basically sold my life to the tv.  We also found a huge bag full of little baby socks.  That was literally my biggest worry, we didn't have enough socks.  Every time we would go to any store with baby clothes I would go look at their socks, and the annoying thing is they are so ridiculously expensive that I never bought any.  We did have some that we got from the shower, but not enough.  So when I saw those socks I about flipped!  And the best part was the whole bag was only $3.00.  Perfect.  We also got a baby monitor, which we didn't have, but also weren't worried about since our apartment is so small and we are going to be living with my granny all summer and the baby will be in the same room with us there too, so it wasn't really needed, but it was cheap and we will need it eventually.  Then we found something else that I don't know what it is called, but you put the baby in it and it rocks/bounces.  So we got that too and it was also cheap.  We also got about a million new movies, including Jurassic Park.  I'm excited about that too!! Usually we walk through the whole place, it can take a couple hours because it is so big, but after finding so many great things and wasting so much money we decided to run.  We literally took of, staring at the floor the whole time so we wouldn't spend any more ha!  It was great though.  And seriously how cute are little baby socks!  I wonder if there is some sort of craft you can make so you can keep them all and not feel like a crazy mom.  I also got a donut.  And for all of you who like maple donuts, don't move to NC.  I have NEVER seen a maple donut here, except for at Krispy Kreme, but I don't think that counts because they have the glaze under the maple so it isn't just plain maple.  I have been wanting a good Albertson's style maple donut and they don't exist.  It's so sad.  I ended up getting a Krispy Kreme chocolate, it was a let down.

After the Flea Market we got home and cleaned and watched the first session of conference.  And of course it was great!  It was funny how the first two were about families and children.  We can totally apply those starting tomorrow :)  I can't wait!  Then we went to the birthday party.  It was Matt's Aunt Lisa's surprise party :)  It was fun, it was outside and super hot.  I was sweaty and I got a little bit of a burn, but there were enough clouds that it wasn't too bad.  They also had ice for the drinks that was just like the ice from Sonic!  If you didn't know, those are the little tiny pieces of ice, like ice shavings.  That was probably my favorite part.  Who needs hot dogs, slaw (say it with a southern accent), and cake when there is Sonic style ice?!  So good.  Then we went home and were a bit late, but I heard that we got a new Relief Society Presidency? Is that right? I will have to look that up.  Also some great talks.  Apparently I have met Ulisses Soares, he had something to do with our mission.  I totally don't remember him.  So sad.  But Matt even remembered his name before they put it up.  But he was an assistant so he probably met with the guy a bunch and I might have only heard him speak a few times.  I don't know.  But that's cool.  I also met Elder Scott on the mission and he spoke that session too!  Matt's grandma came and  watched the second session with us and fell asleep :) I wanted to take a picture but didn't.  Her mouth was hanging open haha. After that Matt turned on the basketball game and I attempted to skype with my fam.  It didn't happen.  Stupid unreliable internet!  Matt is now gone for the Priesthood session and I am watching the next game.  He will be home soon,  we have to get up really early tomorrow so he isn't going to stay for the whole session.  It doesn't end until 10 here, which is another reason not to live in NC.  At night we always watch a show.  In the beginning it was King of the Hill, then Ninja Turtles, and now we have been watching the Three Stooges (I am not a fan, I usually don't watch) but now that we got Friends I am thinking the Stooges are going to storage :) I am so happy.  And tomorrow I will get to take some pictures to put up on the blog :) YAY!!

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (March 31, 2012)  

Yay!!! I can't wait to see that little baby!!! AAAH! I totally won't sleep tonight i'm so excited!!

PS--that friends collection will totally come in handy while you're recovering! How great!!

Love you dear! Hoping all goes well and that baby gets here sooner rather than later!

PPS--best tip I ever received: take your own (over the counter) meds for your husband. They're not allowed to give him medication, and you need him at the TOP of his game to support and help you!! Mitch had an awful headache at the hospital and I was able to tell him right where the tylenol & ibuprofen was! Score! :o)

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