Little baby Shmo is doing great.  We are loving being in Montana and are super excited about Idaho.  We got a call from the people in Idaho and we get to move into our apartment on the 27th of this month. So those of you in Rexburg expect a visit soon!  We are not going to stay there, but I can't wait to unpack everything and feel like I have a home again.  We are staying with my granny and it works great, but it will be good to have our own place.  My sister gave us all her old little baby stuff, including a crib and changing table so we will get to set up Owen's room in Idaho and actually have stuff to put in it!  She also gave us a bassinet, which we are using right now and he does great in it.  There are only two problems, he is already over the weight limit for the bassinet (it can still hold my 4 year old niece so we aren't too worried) and he has a nose problem so he can't sleep on his back, which makes for some sleepless nights.  If his nose was normal he would be sleeping through the night in his own bed!  But instead he wakes up crying every few hours because he can't breathe.  Poor thing.  There were a few nights where it was so bad I had to sleep sitting in a chair with him on my chest so he could be in an upright position.  It has gotten better and he usually only wakes up every two hours and we can get it to drain pretty quickly and put him back to bed, but by 5 in the AM it is usually so clogged he can't sleep laying down any more and we prop him up on our pillows.  I took him to the Doc and since it is only at night and he has no fever or any other signs of sickness they said it was because of the change of environment.  He will just have to get used to Montana.  I hope that happens soon.

He has also started sticking out his tongue NONSTOP!  It is pretty funny.  We think it is because of his little cousin Kylee.  When she doesn't have a binky in her mouth her tongue is sticking out.  I think Owen started copying her and for some reason likes it.  He also drools like crazy!  And he likes to blow bubbles with his spit.  It would be cute if it wasn't so nasty.

He is getting super fat, which I love!  He weighed 16 lbs and was 24.5 inches.  He is already in size 3 diapers.  When we switched to size 2 Matt had to take back TEN size 1 diaper packages we had gotten from the baby shower and exchange them for the bigger size.

I have to watch what I eat or he spits up EVERYTHING.  For some reason he has been doing it a lot lately, I haven't figured out what I am eating that he can't handle, maybe he will just get used to it.  When he spits up I have to change him and me and do a load of laundry, and today I forgot to take my phone out of my pocket so it went in with all our clothes.  So sad.  But that is one of the reasons he is usually naked.  It isn't worth it to get him dressed and he is hot so he doesn't usually need clothes.

He wont use a bottle any more and it is killing me.  I could seriously use a break from the kid, but I can't leave him for more than 2 hours.  It is pretty annoying.  Good thing he is so cute.

The best part of the day is in the morning or after his  naps.  He is a total morning person.  He will smile nonstop in the morning, we just love it!  He hasn't started to laugh yet, he just smiles and tenses up his whole body.  It is adorable.  When we stand him up he gets super excited and thinks he has to use EVERY MUSCLE in his whole body to stand so he starts shaking and grunting and can't do it for very long.  It is pretty hilarious.

I have that the best way to describe my feeling for him and how super cute and fat and perfect he is is by taking a quote from Despicable Me.  The part where the little girl got the huge unicorn from the amusement park and she said, "It's so fluffy!"  She kind of shakes and you can just tell how super excited about that unicorn she is.  That is how I feel about Owen, "He's so fluffy!" (said the same way the little girl says it.)  He is seriously so perfect.

Matt loves it here too!!!  That is the best part.  He was really worried about everything not working out and missing NC too much, but things have been perfect here.  He is making lots of money and loves roofing.  He just recently got a bonus and my dad bought him a bunch of tools and tool belt.  He put it on before he even left for work.  So cute :)  He does still miss all the people from NC, but that can't be fixed.  Once we get to Idaho we will get to hang out with lots of mission buddies so that will help.  

Now the best part, picture. 

Here he is crying, you have to admit, babies are even cute when they cry.  He is TERRIFIED of loud little girl voices.  He was sitting with his nieces Kimberly and Kylee today and Steph told them to say cheese so she could take a picture and as soon as he heard them he flipped and started screaming.  And he screams like a little girl :) It makes me laugh.

This is him with his cute little tongue.  Can he get any cuter?

He is very camera shy and it is almost impossible to get him to smile while the camera is in front of his face, so we took a picture from the side and it is pretty adorable. 

Here is another smiling face, he couldn't see the camera, that is why it is at such an awkward angle.  But it shows his super fat belly :)

And here is a classic Owen face.  I love this guy!! 

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (June 12, 2012)  

I love him!!! I can't wait to see you guys! I'm so glad you got an apartment! Let us know as soon as you're here and we'll be over to help you move in and unpack! We'll bring lots of cleaning'd be surprised at how poor the "thorough clean up" job is around's a common problem :o) Anyway, we can't wait!!!

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