So I went to upload all the pictures and videos and realized there were around 150 pictures of Owen, I figured I would just pick the cutest ones and out them up here.  Then I looked at them and realized they are seriously all the cutest! He is just too cute!

He is also the perfect baby.  He has been sleeping 7.5 hours for the past three nights!  It is pretty exciting.  He finally got used to it here :)  He also still wakes up super happy which I love.

We figured out he would spit up because of milk.  So I just cut milk out of my diet, which was super easy because I don't like it anyways and only used it to get my cereal a bit wet, so not a huge deal.  And ever since then he hasn't had a throw up problem.

He still mainly smiles, but sometimes a cute little tiny laugh comes out, I can't wait for him to start laughing when he smiles.

He has also started grabbing and reaching for things.  It is so fun to see him understand what toys are and actually take an interest in them!  It is also super cute to see him looking at his feet and trying to grab them :)  Too cute!!

We went to Rexburg last week and it was GREAT.  We got our apartment and moved in with the help of Matt's cousin Marcus and his fiance.  It was nice getting to meet her!  We also spent sometime with some mission buddies and are going back to Rexburg this weekend and are gonna play games with them.  It is gonna be lots of fun!  We saw my cousin Alaina and her super adorable little man Nathan.  I love being back here and being able to spend time with family and friends!

Owen was REALLY good while we were moving in and the whole time we were there.  He wasn't too excited to get back in the car for the ride home, but he still did pretty good.

Now here are a million pictures.  Enjoy :)

 He sucks on his hands ALL THE TIME

Now this pic is with his nieces, they all have their favorite toys, which happen to be elephants (and in Owen's case, his only toy in MT) He wasn't very happy to be left on their laps.  

Him and Matt both passed out on the floor

American pride :) We went to the 4th of July Parade here

The next few are a bunch of my nieces because they are also super cute

Ky's crazy hair 

Alaina and Mitchell Dooley  – (July 03, 2012)  

So cute!! I LOVE all the pictures! Maybe we can meet up again (and really feed you guys lunch this time!) so Matt can meet Mitch! We understand if your trip is booked with people to see, but we would also love to see you if you have a chance!

I love blog posts with a billion pictures :o) Steph's kids are so grown up! Love them!! How funny that they all fell in love with little elephant toys!

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