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Little Baby Shmow is adorable.  He is seriously so cute that I can't handle it sometimes!  He has been pretty nasty for the last little bit, he has an earache, and has been coughing and had a runny nose because of all the fires in Montana.  And today I woke up and discovered a little tiny tooth poking through.  So cute!!! And I have noticed how much his hair is starting to finally grow back.  His hair seriously cracks me up, it is all basically fuzz, but right down the middle, where a Mohawk would be, he has about 5 LONG hairs, each is about an inch long.  And the rest of his hair is fuzz.  So funny!! He can roll onto his belly, but still hasn't figured out how to get back to his back.  He doesn't really like tummy time, but rolls himself over so often that he has some massive strength on his belly!  He started to really sit yesterday.  For the past week or two he could do sit but would slowly fall forward, and had no balance, so he would fall on his sides if he wasn't propped up.  As of yesterday he has balance and is really good and sitting up, he has EXCELLENT posture!  He LOVES the bath, we had to leave our baby bathtub in MT because we didn't have room to bring it so we have been just filling up our tub a few inches and letting him lay in the water, he laughs and laughs and splashes like crazy!! He can even sit up, but that's a little scary because it is pretty slippery so we keep a hand on him while he is sitting.  We started slowly feeding him baby rice a few weeks ago and he LOVES it, there are a few pictures of him eating.  He acts like he is starving and will never get enough.  His whole body lunges toward the spoon, it's hilarious!! We don't do it too often because he got massively constipated and it was sad so we are slowly easing into it.  He loves our new place.  He sleeps really good and stays in his bed most nights, and when he doesn't stay in his own bed, he doesn't need to come into ours until 5 or 6 in the morning so that is way nice!! He doesn't sleep through the nights, but sometimes I only have to get up once!  In our apartment complex all the buildings make a little square, with a grassy area in between them all where all the little kids play.  Owen loves to sit outside in his little bouncy chair and stare at the kids.  I can't wait for him to learn to walk and crawl so he can play along!  He has started a new weird quirk, when he is about to cry he frowns (a real frown with is mouth corners pointing down) and says mamamama, he doesn't know what he is saying but it is super hilarious! Most of the time we just watch him until he starts really crying because it is so funny!  We went to the Doc a week ago and he is now 21 lbs.  I think he was 19 last month, so he grew a bit.  His carseat goes up to 22 lbs so we have to get a new one already! BLAST!  (If anyone knows of someone selling theirs let me know!)  He has started going to bed at 7, it used to be 9 then he started getting sleepy at 8 and now it is 7.  Weird, but nice, I just hope he doesn't think he has to get up earlier.

Matt is doing good, school started this week so he has been BUSY with homework and football also started recently so he watches game after game when he isn't studying.  We LOVE Rexburg! It is soooo nice here, everything is working out and it is lots of fun being with mission friends and my family!

I am just playing with the baby and also watching the kids play in the yard.  I have been crocheting and opened my etsy back up, I haven't sold anything yet, but I did talk to an old friend who has a successful etsy and just need to devote some more time to spreading the word about my shop.  It is hard to do with Matt being busy and Owen being sick and needy, so it has been slow but lots of fun! And I got a new watch out of it :) If you haven't already check out my etsy and like my facebook page !!!

And of course, some super cute pics of a super cute and chubby baby!

 This is him with my little sister, he is almost as big as her!!! and he was loving that game she was playing!

Wanna play?

Brian and Kayla  – (September 13, 2012)  

21 pounds? That is a pound bigger than my 14 month old! He is going to be a tall kid eh? Wow. So glad Rexburg is treating you so well! So happy for you all.

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