Check me out over here today, Kelsey is going to host a giveaway for me!! Kelsey is pretty much awesome.  We met at school at BYUI, we were neighbors and the thing I remember most about her was her delicious cookies.  She was the first one EVER to make cookies out of a cake mix, before there was pinterest, and they were so good!  I think she probably still makes the best ones.  I also remember how cool she was, look at her blog and you will know what I mean.  She wears the coolest clothes and always has super rad hair.  I wish I was as cool as her.  Anyways, go check out her blog and enter the giveaway for a free watch! And it is perfect for Halloween, black and red.  

This month I am also going to be doing my first craft fair!  I am super excited and super scared, I have so many ideas and so little time and money haha.  I wish I could know ahead of time if I will make any money so I could know how much to put in to my booth and the things I am going to make.  The fair is October 20th and is in Ammon Idaho.  I plan on having my watches, lots of bands for people to choose from, earrings, necklaces, hats and beards.  I am not sure exactly if I should invest in more watches, I have about ten, which isn't very many, but I have heard that some people just don't do well at craft fairs, and I might be one of those people.  I also don't know how many hats I should make, lots of people have hats so I don't know how well they will sell.  And is 11 days before Halloween too close for people to want to buy Halloween stuff, will they already have it?  Should I have more Christmasy things?  I will gladly welcome any thoughts!!  What do you think I should spend my time and money on to prepare?

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