Moe Man

It is funny how many little names Owen has.  I was at the doc for his check up and was reading a pamphlet about "what your 6 month old should be doing" and they said he should turn when you call his name.  I thought about that and am pretty sure we call him so many names that he has no idea we are actually talking to him, except that we speak in embarrassing baby voices when we talk to him :) Who doesn't right?  But seriously I think I call him Owen less than any other nick-name we have given him.  The most common name now is Moe.  I can't get over how cute he is!!

So we went to the doctor last week, so he was still shy of being 6 months by a week.  Last month when he went we realized he was almost too big for his carseat because of his weight.  I asked around and we have one coming the beginning of next month and until then I borrowed one from my cousin.  It goes up to 30 lbs instead of 22 lbs and up to 30 inches.  Great!  NOT! He is already 29 inches long.  So we really need that new carseat!  He also weighs 21 lbs and 10 oz.  His head size is in the 95th percentile, his weight in the 98th and his height in the 99th.  So to sum up, he is huge and my arms are sore all the time from carrying him.

The other day me and him went as sat outside in the grass, it was lots of fun.  I took a million pictures and he ate everything in sight, including the grass.  It was the first time.  He has played in the grass a lot, but he never tried to eat it until that day.  It was cute.  It's weird how everything babies do is cute.  He pooped for the first time in bathtub yesterday and that was cute.  It probably wont be the next time he does it.  But here are some pictures of him and his way-too-serious face.  He looks really curious, or angry.


My camera case is so yummy. 

Serious face. 

"Does this angle make my face look fat?"

He wants to crawl so bad!  He can scoot really good. 

Tasting the grass.

Grass is so interesting.  

Brian and Kayla  – (October 03, 2012)  

Kim you were THIS close to being in my brother and sister's ward. They moved a few months ago...maybe you even moved into their apt! She was relief society pres. Glad to see that things are going so well for you in Rexburg!

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